blurred and aliased rendering

this the blend file that i am working on for a very simple animation i am doing for my website

everything is ok except that i have a blurry and aliased renderning especially for the text

any thing i can do to make things look better ?

thanks and good day


mobilepb.blend (674 KB)

Your images textures are way to little. They are under you render resolution. And the bad aliasing is already be in the image textures.

At least, they should have the same resolution as your render output. Bigger would be better in your case.
And you have to option to render at a higher resolution.

ok for the images, it seems [TABLE=“class: gt-baf-table”]

acceptable to me since it’s for a flash animation for a website i am making

but how about the text, it’s really uglly and i didn’t figure out how to make it nicer

i will try to play with the resolution settings and see what happen

really appreciate for your help on this

I’m sure, that you watch the render in a wrong resultion. You’ve the possibilitie in the Renderview to zoom with the mouse wheel. Maybe you’re not at 100%, above and under decrease tex readability very much.
Did you tried to save you’re image (F3), and looked then at it?

If thats not the case, check you Antialias settings in the render tab.

Get big images and scale down when texturing. Cause the computer to “throw information away,” not to “invent it” by interpolation.

(You can also have fun with texture-painting, taking several different texture sources and combining them artistically to create just the right texture image-map for your particular construction and camera-angles. But in all cases, the image-data needs to “be there,” in your original sources, in far more detail than you actually use.)