Blurred image?

Hello. I need help with Cycle settings because I am not happy with the result of the project as becomes blurred instead of clear photo.

This " Cartoon" project has a bad fog that destroys the image .
Look at my blend file and tell me how I can change the composition from blurred to clear photo like image .
I would appreciate it if I can solve this problem.

Tools :
Blender 2.67 64 bit
Rendermotor : Cycle.
Emitted lamps : 2 planes . 1 Top Lamp in 2000 and 1 frontlamp 4,000. Many times I’ll have to use 3-5 emitted lamps , but still have the same bad results .
Camera : Depth of Field . Head ( Cylinder )

Open Shading Language. I’ll have to try both but I dont see any difference .
Resolution : 1920x 1080 50%
Output: PNG 16

Sampling: 2770
Lights Path : I have try with both Direct Light and Full Global illuminations without any better quality.