Blurred render. A quick question.

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. It looks like a really helpful anf friendly place.
I have been trying to teach myself Blender over the past week or so. The people who inspired me to learn Blender are these dudes…
Anyway, I have been doing a few renders but it seems as though every render I do comes out really blurred and out of focus. Do I need to focus the camera…!? …or are there render settings I can modify to get a crisper result?
Any suggestions will be appreciated. If anyone knows of any tutorials I could use please let me know… :slight_smile:
Here’s an example of my blurry rendering…

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That image didn’t work… perhaps this one will…
Shot at 2007-06-28

That’s not a blur. You clouds texture is mapped to Nor which is causing the reflections in your object to diffuse. Lowering the Nor value will cause the reflections (and lighting) to be less diffuse.

You could set oversampling to use Catmull-Rom or other sharpening filter instead of Gauss that is blurry by default. See for further information.

The Mitch filter usually provides the sharpest results.

Thanks everyone.
I will have ago at the things you mentioned and I’ll post the results.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes! Wooooppeee!
This is with the mitch filter. It looks ten times better. I’m stoked!
Thanks people. I’m really pleased with the results! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Shot at 2007-06-29

What I was just about to say. ( Learned it from your tutorial,in fact:D)

Thanks! BUT, I may have been mistaken. It seems that the CatRom filter provides the sharpest results while the Mitch filter is the second sharpest. Sometimes, the CatRom can be too sharp depending on your scene’s contents. So, as always, it’s best to do quick tests.

(I’ll make a note on the tutorial page.)