blurred rendered uv mapping

(billythekid) #1

I’ve uv-mapped a character with a 512x512 image, but when rendered it appears blurred.I tried it with a 1024x1024 but didn’t get a better result. What am I doing wrong?Should I have all uv faces square? :-?

(Idgas) #2

same question here

(kos) #3

post the .blend.

(0ptikz) #4

Hmm…hard to comment without seeing the .blend but try this:

In the texture buttons (f6) Turn down the textures filter to between 0.10 and 0.50, this will sharpen things up considerably. Also try playing with the contrast settings.

(billythekid) #5

thanks, i’ll try that.I don’t have much time anymore because i’m off to university. :smiley:
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