Blurring a portion of the render help

I’m fairly new to nodes, but I have a basic understanding of them and use the occasional vector blur or defocus, but now I’m stuck.

I have a render that has a helmet in it, and I want just the facemask to be blurred. Essentially I want to make the reflection on it blurry without making the engine do a ridiculous amount of raytracing.

It’s the only light blue object in the scene and it’s the only object that has any reflection so I know that there has to be a way to pick it out and manipulate it. I tried using reflection as the determinate, but it didn’t work. I don’t know enough about the bilateral blur (which is the one I assume that I should be using.) Help me please? :slight_smile:


  • separate the colours into channels and blur just the colour/tone you need
  • place the objects you wish to separate on different layers, and create render layers as appropriate. then you can perform the operations you need on the relevant layer, then composite them together using either a mix or alphaover node.


Thank you for the response, but dumb little me is still having trouble. Can you explain what I’m doing wrong? Pay no attention to the minimized nodes, those aren’t part of the render.