Blurring the Lines

In the past, I was apprehensive about blender, and the bge “merging” into a singular entity,

However, at the time I was thinking in terms of what they said we may be losing (publishing standalones etc)

Now instead I am thinking about what blender, and the bge could stand to gain.

Imagine, if you will, having an “avatar” in blender, and network sockets,

I have seen Agoose’s scripting allow BGE to send commands to BPY and return meshes that have been operated upon.

if all interactions in blender, could be controlled / initiated by the game engine, what you would have is a full time 3d VR
animation studio.

Think in terms of simulation, mixed with animation, in real time.

with emerging tech, ->
Just one example *

we will need the ability soon, to record VR, and make animations, and then interact with the same animations in 3d ,

with things like but not limited to
Google card board
Oculus rift

So, I think the merger of the BPY and BGE is a great idea.

What are everyone elses thoughts on this?

(ps I love logic bricks, I just think than nodes that were as fast would be fine as well)