Here’s my little test of blurring:

Like it?

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The scene seems so warm and soft, friendly… I love the warm wood tones, the soft focusing (instead of jarring blur renders I’ve seen)…

The lighting really sets the objects apart, further adding to the focusing illusion.

Commendable. Please keep us updated on your work. :wink:


Really nice, expecially the standing pawn and the background.

Forepawn blurring is imperfect, I mean, you see a distinct image with a wide but feeble blurred image superimposed. Did you used motion blur for faking DoF? Maybe the Zblur plugin would be better :slight_smile:

Keep on!


looks really nice indeed,

Keep it up!

I used the motionblurring. I haven’t tried to use Zblur. Maybe i should try it sometime soon :slight_smile:

I tried using Z blur. It seems very hard to use it to keep a crisp forground while only burring the background. But maybe I need to tweak at it some more.