Blurry Blender Window

Heya guys! I wasn’t sure where to put this topic…

I have a problem that came up ever since I got my new computer. I keep getting my blender window switching from being blurry to being nice and sharp. It gets me a bit dizzy and it really irritates my eyes. Any ideas?:eek:

I’ve attatched a pic showing the difference. It might not seem like much, but trust me it’s annoying.

It is a problem with your graphics card. What kind do you have? If you have a nicer one that should work with Blender, perhaps turning off anti-aliasing in your preferences would help.

yes, turn off the AA in your GFX card setup program. I have the same problem. If you want a game to run in AA just make a profile for “blenderplayer.exe” with msaa or whatever. Just dont do it to the blender.exe and you will be just fine.

I actually will make a profile for blender.exe with AA forced off, so that I can set the global AA to on.(some games wont allow profiles and you need to set the global values.

egan and The Oracle Yap!
we have an ATi 256 MB card and it look really funny when working on Blender or other 3D apps. we also have the nvidia 7600 GT 512 MB and it work fine and also TOSHIBA laptop no card only but MOBILE INTEL ® 965 Expess chipset Family and work really great
say, do you have CRT or LCD? and what OS you have?
it can be from you hz** Frequency! :cool:
most of the time is 60 too 80 hz on a 1280X800 pix or Higher
The blurry look apply also on there apps to?

Thanks guys! I just checked my grfx card settings and yeah…I had some anti-alaising on and some other stuff…seems those messed up blender. Ow well. Now it’s as sharp as a needle! Thank you! :wink: