Blurry image textures

I have been trying to use images as textures, but I find that when I do this, the texture is blurred for some reason. I have found that when I subdivide the mesh with the texture on it, it becomes less blurry. However, I can’t subdivide it enough times without losing computer preformance.

I hope my description has been clear enough without pictures. I would like to provide images of my attempts to use textures, but the problem is that the images I have been using for textures are most likely copyrighted, so I cannot post them to the web. Does anyone know of an image that I could use for a texture that has a copyright lisense that allows the public to use in graphics posted on the web?

You may find that reducing the filter value of the texture under the texture tab helps.

Material linked textures don’t show in the 3D window; you need to view them in the preview (Shft-P) or UVMap them instead.


In shaded mode in the object mode I am able to see a blurred version of the texture. When I enter preview mode (from texture mode - the mesh is plain white in the preview mode from both shaded and solid modes), I get something different. In preview mode, it appears to stretch out the very edge of the texture and use that to cover the entire mesh. The rest of the texture does not appear to be used anywhere else.

Are you sure it is Shft-P, as opposed to Ctrl+P or just P? When I type Shift-P in either edit or object mode, I get an option to push or pull. In my previous reply, when I talked about entering preview mode, I did so by pushing P in object mode (I assumed preview mode is the same as the game engine). I tried Ctrl+P in edit mode, and got pretty much the same result as pushing P in object mode.

A couple of places where you can get texture images from are Image*After and Stock.Xchng. You can freely use their offerings to create images, and post works created with them, as long as you give them credit for it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! We’re getting some crossed wires here! :smiley:
One basic question to ask before coming to any conclusions - are you UV-mapping the textures or simply using an image texture?

Also, in regards to the preview mode - it’s Shift-P while in Object Mode.

EDIT: Oh, and of course, what does it look like in full render mode (F12)?

In this case, I am using an image texture and not a UV map.

I tried Shift-P while in object mode but what happened is that it displayed Push/Pull 0.000 in the lower-left corner when an object was selected. When no object was selected, nothing happened when I pushed Shift-P in object mode.

Initially, the filter value was set to 1.000. I changed it to 0.100 then 10.00 and nothing seems to have changed.

The texture worked in full render mode (F12). Thanks for that suggestion. I’d still like to get it to work in the game engine, though.

The GE uses only UVMapped Image textures.


Is it at least possible in the game engine for there to be light on a UVMapped image texture?

I believe you have to activate ‘light’ on the faces - in UV Face select mode, I think.