blurry line textures on model

i’m trying to make a robot hat, and i’m using gimp to make the textures. but it seems that all lines look very blurry, which is bad because the hat has many different lines.

here is the model (pieces are seperated, to prevent ao bake shadow distortion, also most of the texture hasnt been started)

here is the place where the texture is blurry

here is the uv with an ao bake (i know there is still some wasted space, but this is just a test for now)

here is the area with the blurry texture

i’m not sure if this is because the texture is only 512x512. but ive seen other peoples hats with the same resolution texture with perfect lines, so that cant be it.

i’m also not sure if its because of the way my blender is rendering lines, i messed up the uv or it has something to do with gimp.

if any one could give me some tips, that would be very grateful, as this is one of the hardest things i’ve ever done.

ok, so i textured other parts of the hat and i’m even more confused now.

as you can see, part of the model has the kind of texture i want. the line is perfectly straight and not blurry at all.

i think its because its a solid color on a certain part of the uv.

heres what it looks like on the uv

heres the faces of the model

how do i have other lines in the texture look like the ones in the above pics?