Blurry Monitor - solvable?

Hello Girls :wink:

I have a rather technical question here, and I’m not really expecting an answer, but - who knows!

I’ve recently purchased a new 21" monitor because the old one appearently had a broken capacitor (wavy/flickery image at high brightness levels / bright images), AND it has gotten quite blurry over time, especially now compared with the new monitor (I’ve put them side-by-side in a dual-monitor setup just for fun.)

My question would be: What is/could be the technical reason for the blurriness? Is there any way to “easily” adjust/improve sharpness again?

I.e., I know that simpler CRTs (like in oscilloscopes) have Focus adjustments (focus voltage and a corresponding pot). Do computer monitors have something similar?

Thanks for your time…

In dabbling with old monitors, I have found some can go out of focus, this focus can be adjusted internally, on the inline transformer, you will find a small adjustable button marked focus, there is also one marked screen, this will effect the overall brightnes of the screen.

The adjustment to the focus will have to be done while the monitor is on, and probably, unless your very lucky, with the back case off.


if unsure get someone braver/stupid/expendable to do it for you :smiley: :wink:

This may of course not cure the problem :smiley: :o



%| AAHHH having actually read your post properly, the answer is yes they do have a similar pot inside :smiley: :wink:

He 21" !

Well, open it and change that capacitor!

Monitos are CRT like all, simply more complex, more pixels, more frequencies…
I’m not sure it will be easy to fix that!

Expecially because it can very well due to the ‘sging’ of
the components internal to the CRT…


I opened the monitor a few hours ago, first removed the about 1 cm thick layer of dust, and then tried adjusting every single pot i could find, stumbling over RGB adjustments, geometry adjustments, filament voltage adjustment (luckily i discovered that in the dark room before i burnt the tube :), and FINALLY!

Found two very well hidden HV pots, and while turning them, I noticed - DAMN! The picture gets blurrier!

Turning both of them one after the other for several times finally made the picture probably about 30% crisper than before. Didn’t expect that much success from such a simple action. Great - almost new! :slight_smile:

Intrr, I am happy you got your old monitor working,…ever since you raised the monitor issue, I have become annoyed by knobless monitors. Good going.

Things seemed to be engineered so it looks like it’s broken on purpose so you throw it out and buy a new one when the old one was OK and just needed a bit of maintenance.

cree: Yes, I guess that’s a marketing strategy nowadays… too bad they sometimes stumble about people with a brain :wink:

Modron: Yes, sometimes you just have to think clearly to see how much the world really sucks :wink: