Blurry Textures in Blender 2.83 Demo

I was looking around the Blender 2.83 Demo file (The party Boat by Ian Hubert) and noticed that most of the textures were blurred out so that it looked really strange.

I was wondering if anyone knew why? My first guess would be something about privacy or liscensing, but most of the textures seem to be free textures from Anyhow, just curious.

You’d select the part of your model where the texture appears blurry. then go Shader Editor to change settins from Linear to Closest. that soultion works at some cases.

Probably just a stylistic choice. (Could be low-res I guess, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to give something that many polys and then skimp on the texels.) assets, like most asset sites, cannot be redistributed as is because that would violate the terms of use.
‘Free’ is always relative to terms and conditions.