Blurry Textures

working on a Book, but when i use the Subdivision Surface (I need, I think) it Blurs sections on the Texture on the Mesh.
I could use some advice or help with a solution. I dont really know to much about Blender I very new so I read some stuff and tried stuff, like some Blender User Preferences - OpenGL buttons (Mipmaps, GPU Mipmap Gen, 16 Bit float Textures), Changes some settings on my Resolution and Sampling, nothing changes.


Can you post a wire of it in edit mode cause I am thinking this is a geometry placement issue and not so much the texture. Check your edge loops.

yeah i thought it was my edge loops the 1st time, but with the same UV unrapping same edge loops the only thing that happens is from using subdivided surface and not using it. dont want the whole book to be shown so this is part of it, but it gives and example of it.


Well. i Redid everything used everything as the same. the 1st time i build a book and did this everything look very well untill i rendered it, it blurred. the 2nd time i did it it showed the blur in the quick render and saw that it looked like it was of subdivision surface mode, so i do it 3rd time and quick render is fine but the final render is not. im baffled.

Quick render (shft Z) now looks good
the only thing i did was repress smart unrap and place them again same places same size.
its graining and can make out the bad parts of my unrap doing but no blurr pattern.

this is the final render still has those blurr.

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Put a piece of the model in a separate .blend and upload that. Screenshots only help you explain something, they don’t add useful information about how you’re set up everything, and they don’t help troubleshooting nor answering in your thread.

What you’ve shown so far brings few things to mind

  • Subdivisions need to be supported. Often uniform face sizes and perimeter loops or creasing helps to constrain them for textures. Which, how, where, can’t tell from the screenshots
  • Don’t show wireframes through the model. They’re messy and hide the useful information among a pile of black lines and dots. Always show wireframes with solid faces. Solid viewmode in edit mode, or alternatively draw all edges and wire display in object mode, without subdivision visible
  • You don’t need subdivision level 6. There is something wrong in the model if it needs to be that high

Tutorial linked in my signature shows how to prepare a .blend and how to upload.