Blurry UV Textures

I have searched through the forum and tried all solutions posted on this problem, but none have worked.
My texture is approx 2000 x 1000, and it looks great in photoshop (second image)
But applied to a properly uv-unrwapped object, it is blurry and fuzzy when zoomed in(first image)
Mipmap is turned off, full osa etc.

plz ignore vehicle and default blue background, they are placeholders…dont judge me:)


But you are viewing the image from a perspective view. The part nearest the camera is stretched wide in the render, while the part at the back of the image “behind” the truck is squashed smaller. Try squashing your texture into this sort of trapzeoidal shape in Photoshop and it’ll start to look rough too.

If you set a camera directly above, and normal, to your road looking downwards, set the camera to orthographic and render that, is it still blurred?

Yes, i tried that too, even with a orthographic camera it is blurry.

Try turning the filter size down (say, 0.10)? Use a different filter, EWA, for example?

I think that is the key to sharper textures. Textures always seem to look sharper by default in Yafaray than Blender for some reason. I’d like to know why.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to take the pixel area a texture is taking up in your render and multiply that by two - that should be the minimum size for your texture resolution. This helps avoid unwanted pixelation in renders.

turn over sampling on in your texture tab, FULL OSA, in render tab, turn osa up to 16.

secondly, id say the bluring looks about right for that texture, its not sharp, its not very high res and has jpg artifacts I think, just click sharpen a few times in photoshop.

thirdly, correct uv mapping with all channels ie normal spec, really do help, and lots of specular light.

EDIT, i just noticed you said u had osa on.

It just doesnt have the detail there. with what i said before, thats about as good as youre going to get. you would be best making a road yourself, where 1 sq ft irl = about 2000px asphalt tile id imagine. just for the bit near the camera. the rest, the distant stuff doesnt need to be any higher than the image u have.

You have all been very helpfull, I’m sure if I combine everything you guys have said, I will be able to sort it out.
@mrjynx I am going to try what you said, I will just create a higher res texture for the part closer to the camera

ok update on the situation: i created a higher resolution texture, and it looks great when rendered from directly above, but if I put the camera on a low angle, it gets warped, streched and blurry. It also seems to get increasingly worse the further it gets from the camera.