Blusm Tusm Racing Beta Test 1

post edited 17.11.18

new game update 2.2

new update menu was added now you ca choose a track

the wheels look like they want to fall off

dont got what yo mean. i am only start learning create games 7 days ago.

and i learning from youtube not in college or school.

so i did the hard job about 7 days.

some things is missed in youtube nothink random tutorial i am only snatch from everywhere

and in final this a nice game if we was now in year 1998-1999-2000 it was not so bad game

maybe later it be more cool if my passion to create games not end.

is pretty bored watch on youtube and learn but i have fun from this

i am making music and idea create game born to promote my music

the sountracks in game is music i did i am psytrance artist called “blusm tusm”

and this a game blusm tusm racing.

sorry deleted

make the track go up and down

hi every body who like play now in beta 1 of game blusm tusm racing welcomed you don’t need install it only to download and play.


w - gas
s - brake
d - right
a - left
r - reverse
b - restart
n - flip
q - quit the game

please if you play it drop in the comment what you think about

watch here:

new game update 2.2


hi bro give a try download and play it update 2.3 download

new update menu was added now you can choose a track

hey what about alfa romeo 156 in game?

i just neew help tutorials how to choose cars and be many cars in game progress is frozen now because i dont find need info in youtube

watch this alfa is nice force it to drive tonight