breaks UV Unwrap Reset

EDIT: Apparently you’re not supposed to edit stuff from a panel and use a global dict to store the bmesh instead. I’ll report back when I implemented that.

I’m creating an add-on for Re-Volt file types.
The meshes for the game support flags and I’m saving those per face on an integer layer.

I have a panel for setting those properties in my Now I found out, that the lines

flags ="Flags") or"Flags")
texture ="Texture") or"Texture")

(line on GitHub)
break the bpy.ops.uv.reset() operator. More specifically the part“layer name”).

These lines are for creating integer layers on a bmesh if it doesn’t exist yet.

Resetting the mapping on any object results in weird lines:

After commenting out those lines or not attempting to create a new layer, the Reset operator works again.
I’d be glad to hear some tips. Maybe I’m doing something completely wrong.


The editing feature seems to be borken, sorry for the double post.

I found out that this issue was indeed a bug that’s now been fixed: