BM v0.17

Blender Material v0.17

Mat v0.17

Currently Completed:
-Bluemagic (uses multiple meshes)
-Soft Aqua
-Soft White Outline
-Glass (Reflective)
-Glass (Refractive) (By Unnamed, it really sweet, requires a bit of tweaking though)
-Rust (uses 2 meshes 1 for rust other for dull metal)
-Hot Metal

  • Velvit (Felt) -not sure what it is really…


Pending/ In process:

More Info:
-Now its time for you to play a role and request materials you would like to see added! Or if you have any you would like to submit, please do :slight_smile:

-For those that don’t know about enviroment mapping a few of the materials (mainly the glass) uses them… When appending the material to another file the object that will hold the material must be set in the OB: in the texture part. Also not all textures seem as good as they are so tweaking them is probably going to be done frequently…

so many suzannes! :o :o

nice work! I like the “Chock” (did you mean “chalk?” As far as I know, a chock is something you use to prevent a plane from rolling away.) Whatever you meant, it reminds me of SSS.

updated above

Any others you guys would like to see added?

Lookin’ good! Can’t wait to get 'em!


updated a lil :slight_smile: with 2 more added

thanks Sutabi

Nice materials are always welcome - downloading…


Sutabi: I’m apalled at your arrogant assumption :< the thought crossed my mind. I actualy went on the chat to see what exactly the blender community would think, thats why on the thread I DIDN’T say I WASN’T going to give it free, so why exactly are you posting this thread?


:-? also if this is about competing, the compatition needs to practice harder, when it dose get good enough maybe it could add to the library, instead of a competing, dose it sound like a good idea?

I am posting this thread to show your not the only one :slight_smile: its sorta a challege! I like challeges!

Modified the teddy to fur for fur creation
The Modified teddy version also include a sort GI but also shinies to light

and I am guessing you disapporive of my material becuase you see no reason for me to even try?

oh any btw might/want/could/possiblity are all the same you can bitch and rav all you want but it wont stop me from creating more and more materials. But if you really disapprove of my comment I am sure to remove it…

I can easily say not at all, try as hard and as much as you like :D, bring it on, it’s good for the blender community to have as many resources as it needs, and be sure I want that fur, is there a way that you could define the fur :-? .


Ow and why didn’t you make this before :expressionless: semaritan?
Do you have a grudge or something because I hate doogs and mms?

Sutabi :slight_smile: Wow man, good stuff. I just made a few test render with your materials. Thanks for sharing those. I like the teddy modifications you’ve posted. Erm … how did “we” do that? LOL

Take care,

ps: thanks for helping me the other day with setting up virtual light :slight_smile:

added rust…


thanx for sharing :slight_smile:


the rust doens’t look right.
and why two meshes?


hehe I am like hooked on teddy fur :slight_smile:

anyways added 2 new one plus working on some others…

Oh and I used 2 meshes becuase it was becoming near impossible to have rust and metal without the metal being black… I’ll try and fix it up and put it in one material if possible

what is that teddyfur thing?
surely doesn’t look like procedurals only?!


Teddy fur was designed to be placed on strip like meshes like stains of hair…

Its just the same material as Teddy but with added alpha to give a smooth transition rather then have rigde fur. Its also change to have mor reaction towards light.

The render below took about 40 mins. Although I have tried other render techs so as texted Strips.


This image actrally only took 3 mins to render, but it was a lot hard to set up due to uv mapping. Also setting up strips with textures for an non primative object (excluding suzanne ^_^)

Looks good!

Any use for something like this?

I can’t get the materials in matv1.blend to append. When I try, I get to the screen where is should say “materials” “mesh” and so forth, and nothing shows up. Know what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve always had hard time making chrome… dunno why… could you make few examples like: shiny metal chrome (such as on metal shpere or car wheel disks), car chrome (you know how they had shiny cars in fast and furious?)… stuff like that.

Thanks for sharing your talent,


Useing purely Blender or outside images…

If you want more realistic chrome simple google “outside” and looks for Images with a bright sky and use that. its not really hard.

If you wanted to use only blender it wil take a lot of clouds, blends and maybe some magic texture all dealing out nor, and ref mapping and tinkering with the size x.y.z

but then again isn’t chrome… chrome? I can put up some more stuff I gezz but gimme something to visualize

Also to import the materials simply append the file then the material, they should be nammed right