BM824 Russian war vehicle

yeah thats great endi, really love the textures.

wfg 8)

is that for some game or something like that??? LowPoly ???

yes, lowpoly game model, ~5000 triangles

good modeling. excellent textures.

you’ve got good work :]

Really nice texture work, as always.


Yes very nice!

Just wanted to ask though, If this is for a game, when it is moving around would you annimate the tracks for realism or not…?

When I grow up I wanna be as good of Texture’r as you !

My hero.

Nice work Nice work Nice Work.

very nice stuff as always. I cant help but think, that the texture for the rails should be maybe worn to the metal from the rocket mechanism sliding across it?

how many texture maps, and what size? it looks like you have a bump map too?

it’s amazing how much detail you can create with mere textures :stuck_out_tongue:

Did u created the textures with the gimp ??