BMAE v1.1 & SE

A little update to this script. Two flavors to choose from.

BMAE v1.1

The script now comes with three - English, Spanish and Italian. *If you notice any language errors (grammar or spelling) let me know (PM me) and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Save your load settings. Currently there are two to choose from - Language and Units

BMAE v1.1 SE

Languages - same as above.

Settings - same as above but includes themes.

Themes - (screenshots at link)
Four themes to choose from for this version - ComicBook, Horror, Space and Tech. I had actually finished these back when the first version came out but at the last minute decided not to include them. I put them away and forgot about them. It wasn’t until recently when I stumbled upon them that I decided to include them (and a small update to ComicBook). These themes are the reason I’m calling this version SE (Special Edition). I think this is a one time deal for this version only. I don’t plan on supporting themes (at least not this elaborate) in the future if I continue updating BMAE. Please note that themes supports English only.

If you don’t install the supporting folders (with settings/images files) BMAE will complain but it should still function. You just won’t be able to use settings/themes. More details in the PDF under installation.

I haven’t had that much time to do allot with this script so I hope you can use what I’ve done.

Thanks to Eugene(etr9j) from for hosting this file for me. If you haven’t been to his site you should check it out. He has a lot of video tutorials, information and files on his site.

His site:

BMAE link:

Tested with current cvs and python 2.4.4

thanks, cool script.

A little bug fix for the SE version. The segments and rings buttons weren’t appearing when themes were on.

There is a script only zip for the SE version so you don’t have to download the entire package again. Get it here:

Updated complete package at the same spot.

If you find anymore bugs please let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

@o6 i found a little bug, just one character is missing, else NameError!
line 2035: MeshType_Value -> Mesh_Type_Value

apart from that real cool script, especially the theme support. But i have to say i just can’t image when i would need such a script. i just insert my primitives and then size them. nevertheless i think the gui is very simple and well structured, and if people need such features this is a great tool.

Glad you like it. The bug has been fixed (simple typo - again). The new files are in the same spot - including the script only file above. I haven’t worked in python since last year so sorry about the delayed response.

As for its use it was created before dimensions and user grid subdivisions were in Blender. It still has it’s uses for really small or large mesh dimensions and mesh locations. For example I use it allot to set the dimensions of my background image blueprints with a stand-in mesh.

Thanks for spotting the error.

this script is great. how hard is to implement it directly in Blender without calling the script … so just as another tool on the menus? … best,a

Hello o6a, thanks for this wonderful script. Would you accept if i add the french translation in the file ? The tranltion finished, i would send you the modified file so you could put it in a new package. Before, i already translated the domical vault script. Here is the post for more information: