bMan (Update: 05/21/04)

Haven’t touched Blender for few weeks now, had some things going on. So, since I’m back now I decided to make a sort of low-poly model for animation. It does not have too many details because I am not going to spend hours and hours and hours rendering an animation, so I’ll just use textures. I do need critics on proportions and all that kind of stuff, maybe some feautures I should add and so on, and even comment on details, who knows… I might add some.

So here’s the bMan (actually it’s my 2nd human-like model and it was done without any references… that’s probably why it looks weird :stuck_out_tongue: ):

Alrighty, fire out the C&C! hehe

P.S. Anyone knows where I can host small videos? Like if I make an animation how can I show it to people?


good - the only thing i would say is that the hips seem to be a bit wide apart - also the calf muscles on the legs seem to be at a funny angle.

Other then that good start


bman , bman ive heard that name maby from a tutorial or something

That’s pretty nice. I don’t know where you are going with this, so I couldn’t give you specific advice. Personally, it makes me think of something human-like, but not human. Maybe some kind of mutant, or an alien that’s totally ripped. All his joints already seem at weird angles. He’s also kind of pointing, but I’ll assume that’s because it’s low poly.

burns - Thanks, I’ll try to fix those things.

Grimreaper - There is a website that is named bman or something like that, it has some photoshop tutorials. But no, that’s not where I got it from. My name’s Bogdan and my nickname is Boggy so the “b” part stands for the first letter of those two names. “Man” is just… well… it’s just the bMan!!! :smiley:

NQE1 - He’s going to be kind of human but not really… he’s going to be like one of those mutants… alien-like. Joints, well… I am sure texture (I am bad at it) will fix this… probably. I’ll try to work on it. I am not trying to make him realistic, I am trying to make him look good… like a comic super hero or something. And all those angles are there because it’s low poly (kind of). It’s at 571 polies right now. My previouse model was a over 1,000 and it didn’t look as good, so I say I’m improving from my point of view.

Anyways, just got over daily routine and will work on bMan now. Thanks for the comments and critics guys! Keep em coming! :wink:


Who wreaked havok on the poor man’s knees?! It looks like he was seriously injured, or mutated. Looks like an…interesting…start. Keep it up, I look foward to a more advanced version.

Here’s the new version, made him look a little bit less crooked… not sure if it looks better, tell me what you think:

Arms and feet will be created tomorrow.


much better!

but i dont like how his legs have a curve to them…make them straight

Looks nice, but the legs are sure strange. They sort of curve strangely at the top. The rest looks fairy good, although it doesn’t have that manu details yet.

Here’s the latest update. I like the arms, but not so happy with feet. They’re going to be boots, so I guess it won’t matter when textured. It’s hard getting a nice model when you try to go for low poly one… so I guess I’ll leave it like that unless any of you have suggestions.



…Just kidding. Pretty cool.

Here are some details I added. I am not sure if I should add more because I’m already at 3k polies (after deleting some unused polies it’ll probably be close to 2.5k).


check out his spine… is there too much of the shoulder blades? his butt is looking like Earth Worm Jim… not a great weight bearer… only possible in cartoons :stuck_out_tongue:

The neck and head seem fine… his legs are straighter… I’d have to agree his hips are alittle thin too… his hands look fine!

nice work with no ref.

starting to take shape nicely- well done- one thing i noticed, you might want to make his waist a bit wider as it looks like he is holding his breath


Well, I was told it was too wide, but I agree that it looks awkward.

burnhard: You have to understand that he is in a tech-suite, which will show up with texture on, so some of the features look inhuman now. And he’s alien, so… yup…

Thanks for C&C guys! It helps a lot.


Here’s an update:

Previouse feet and arms were subsurfed which brought the number of polies to up to 3k, which kind of bothered me, so I am just going to use smoothed feet and arms. Right now the model is at 1276 polies. Right now they look a bit uglish and need corrections, and I will do that next.


Why are you worried about polys?
Are you making a game model or something?

Ya, kind of like that.

ooooooooooh psh yea i knew thats why u called it bman :smiley: its cool keep up then work and one Question if it hasnt been asked why is he blue? im too lazy to read threw what they av asked and stuff so why ?

Heh, thanks! No real reason for it being this color. I just wanted some different color. It probably will not stay the same when I’ll start texturing him.