[BMAX] Blender<->3DSMax Connector

One more thing. Just figured out there is an error when you import to 3ds max an object who has more than 10 materials on it. It exports fine from Blender, but on import, 3ds max just crashes. I guess this is due to Multi-Sub node having 10 materials by default.

Can you please add instance support to bmax 3ds max export dialog?


Instances are preserver after importing from blender, but not the other way around.


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Hello there,
3dsmax part updated to 017:

  • added Preserve Instances

Thank you.
PS: BMAX_3dsmax_v1.17.mzp


Awesome! Thank you!

thank you @TitusLVR

if you can, add resetxform option in 3dsmax import preferences, like in export.

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3dsmax part updated to 018:

  • added rest of FBX import options
  • added resetXform for imported objects

Thank you.
Download link for BMAX_3dsmax_v1.18.mzp


great… thank you

Getting this error when trying to export only camera from 3ds max. It duplicates it in max, throws an error, and blender imports the latest exported geo but not the camera.

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Also, if you’d pull off correct transfer of rotation transform values for camera objects from max to blender, it would be amazing. But as far as I’m aware, it has to do something with fbx file format itself, or 3ds max rotation values interpretation. Let me know what you think about this please.

Default fbx export-import behavior is like this now:



When these rotation values are transferred by hand, everything fits perfectly.

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Yeah, cameras are another story in 3dsmax and why they are exporting with different values than objects is a question.
For cameras try to select both Camera and its target for now.
Thank you.

With both selected there are no export errors, but duplicate issue still persists.



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Yes, I know, fixing it and I see some errors here. So I’ll try to fix it.


Hi @TitusLVR, I saw this was mentioned earlier but I didn’t see a response. Can Layers/Collections be translated between files in some way? I know that Layers exported from max are retained if you reimport into max, so I assume the capability for Blender to read them as Collections just isn’t there yet, and vice versa.

I’m sure you’ve looked into this already, but would you at the very least be able to share your findings on the subject? I don’t have enough knowledge on FBX interop with Blender, but I can see the layer designations when reading an ascii-encoded FBX from Max.

Yes you are right - there is no FBX support for this. It means we need custom layer exporter or something which translate layers between max and blender. I will try to do something simple.


I see that the addon bakes maps when the bitmaps aren’t directly connected into shader. But when imported into Blender, those baked images are missing. Do you know where those images are exported to? They are not in the default export folder.

Hi guys! There is already any Corona material converter to Cycles?

Hi guys, the icon in the blender does not unfold, please help

Check addons folder name, it should be without maser, like:
“c:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\BMAX_Connector”

if it doesn’t help - share a console errors