BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)

Thank you so much ozzkar and nevilart, what a contribution! Having my beloved align tool in blender is just awesome. I was a bit sceptical about the key map but it works suprisingly well. Working with armatures and simply changing modes by pressing 1,2,3 works so much better instead of constantly shif+tabbing.

Do you think its possible to make the Outliner more Max or Maya compatible? I miss things like parenting per drag & drop or selection shortcuts like click + shift to select lists or click +strg to select or deselect single objects.

I noticed in edit mode the usual shortkey alt+H to unhide mesh doesn’t work. Also coudn’t find a alternate shortkey or an entry in the quad menu. How does it work now?

Anyway great addon! Such a relief for struggling Max converts.

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great… thank you @nevilart … much more flexible now.

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How do i unhide meshes in edit mode? the usual alt+H doesnt seems to work anymore and didnt find a alternate shortkey or quad menu entry.

About Border/Element mode, in the plane but for now I have no idea how can I do.

  1. Right click for cancel menu. Done
  2. Right click for end tool. Done
  3. Shift + RC Snap menu. Done
  4. Clone tool dynamic preview Done
  5. Detach Done, Attach by click working on
  6. Ignore the Alt + Right click in Maya mode. Done
  7. Primitives editing bug fixed too

Thank you for helping me to improve faster. Waiting for more.


I did not start to work on outliner yet. But I will make it like Max and Maya much as possible.

If you active the 3Ds Max Key maps alt + H will act like in max

Alt + H : Hide selected
Alt + I : Hide Unselected
Alt + U : Unhide all

Same shortcuts working on other modes too.

Thank you, I am glade everyone loves this add on :wink:

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All good news, mate. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think that you should remove border/element mode. They are not needed in Blender and it doesn’t really make sense to include them. Getting used to Blender’s unique sub-object mode is important for new users coming from Max and having border/element will be confusing.

Couldn’t you just use ctrl+J for attach?

One other thing that isn’t a problem with your addon, but with Blender, is the way it uses translation gizmos.The way the gizmos work in Blender are a terrible workflow because you have to keep switching between M/R/S and Box select(which I have active 100% of the time) This is a terrible workflow and makes the gizmos impossible to use efficiently. Then if you’re in the M/R/S tool and press B for Box Select it doesn’t switch but brings up the old tool with the giant crosshair, use it once, and it’s back to M/R/S. This is something that will drive new 2.80 users from Max crazy. For me though, I love Blender’s approach to translation using hotkeys and never use the gizmos.

Another addon I tried today was this: QWER Addon - or how I stopped using the transform active tools

Have you seen it? The workflow of this addon would fit perfectly with your move/rotate/scale in the quad menu. The way 2.80s gizmos work is really terrible and an unusable workflow, but this addon fixes all that and makes Blender behave like other DCCs for selecting/translating.

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Yeah, my addon would be a good combination with BMax. The transform gizmos work just like in 3ds Max, and I’ve modified the Select Active tool to work almost identically to the Lock Selection button in 3ds max. Assign that to the spacebar and you’ve got quick Max-like interaction. @ozzkar or anyone else is welcome to roll it into their addons.


Cool stuff I like your add-on and love it to be part of BsMax :wink:


BsMax looks really nice. You’re absolutely free to my python bits. I’m going to try BsMax out, I look forward to having quad menus again.

Why not 3bsMax?


Thank you
‘B’ from Blender and in same time combine of D and 3 looks like B. I will design a logo for it and in logo 3D will be readable.

3bsMax from TonDesk lolll

I was fiddling with bsmax and finally got to make the quad menu working but i was wondering if it is possible to set our own hotkey for an addon.

I tried the search feature in the keymap menu but i didnt see the align tool include in the list and also other tools not shown there, take note that i was with blender keymap and i wanted if possible to keep blender keymap and change hotkey to get the tool i use the most.

I bought pie menu editor so maybe i could use this addon to build my own UI for Bsmax since accessing all the tool from F3 is tedious to say the least.

Is there a way to port this from the original add-on to 2.8 ? JUST THIS from the main add-on.
The original creator have created something that makes this aligning tool indispensable.

I don’t want any other “enhancements”, just this alone is a DREAM in Blender.


You are in luck since Nasser a talented coder have taken the relay on bmax and his version is called bsmax now and he already did a few other miracles like almost every standard primitives that you can create just like in 3ds max and with parameters pannels, he also made quad menu + spline tools like chamfer and the line tool like in max and you get the bmax from Ozcar including the align and clone tool + all the other already made by him and he port to blender 2.8.

Honorable mention; there is also an align tool in blender if you type align in search(F3) but it is not as good as the one from Bsmax.

Here the link and it is working perfectly in latest blender build ;

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Hello @polynut, thank you for taking the time to reply.

Yes I know about the align tool in Blender, it is, however, vastly, vastly inferior compared to max’s align dialog that the original creator of this thread have helped to bring into Blender, I live for the align tool.

I will try this BsMax thing, not sure what it is yet, downloading it now, but I don’t really want a “fork”
of Main Blender, I don’t want to “depart” too much from the actual thing.

I will come back soon after trying it :smiley:

Ok, I have installed the add-on (BsMax), nothing.

Is it possible that someone isolate that align dialog from @ozzkar for 2.8 ?

Bsmax is the continuity of what Ozzkar start with Bmax but the layout is a bit different.

In Bsmax you need to use F3 to get the main tools like align and clone but they are also probably located in the UI somewhere but i didn’t verify each tools.

For the quad menu you need to activate in the Addons + you can also chose 3ds max or Maya keymap for navigation and keymap here a screen;

Quad menu are different if you are in object or edit mode, in edit mode you will have a lot more.

For the align you need to select the 2 objects you want to align and then F3 type align and you will see the BsMax align, same goes for clone. Here another screen;

Nasser is still actively developing BsMax so expect thing to improve soon.

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No need for anyone it’s already working refer to post i made!

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You are right it IS working !
Thank you !
Still wishes instead of installing the entire BsMax thingy, I can just have the align dialog add-on.

THANK YOU @polynut!!!