BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


(Q_blend) #201

Hello ozzkar.
Has anyone reported any animation problems after installing your modifications? It seems to me that when I try to play a simple animation of a falling cloth, the object does not fall down. Any suggestions?

(gush) #202

Hi, am new here…I just found this plugin… whats the status of it on Blender version 2.79? Does B-MAX Tools work with it ok?

(starfoxy) #203

I signed up with the community when I saw this! Fantastic work. Any chance this will work with 2.80 in future? (It doesn’t now but I would love to get used to this and have it ready for 2.80.) Thanks again!

(starfoxy) #204

Hi Gush, I can confirm it all works great with 2.79. cheers!

(gush) #205

Hi, am already using it… its nice! Any possobility to add support of the viewcube? I found this link here…

(Bracer) #206

This is literally a complete transform of Blender’s UI.
This small project that started out to make Blender more like Max might just about change Blender’s GUI for the better FOREVER !
Ok maybe just for us Max users ;p

(Redphoenix) #207

Hey Ozzkar, I am also hugely impressed by this. As someone who is currently doing the transition from 3DS to Blender I wonder - Will you update this for 2.8? So, is BMax still worth to get used to?


(nevilart) #208

Hello Ozzkar, you did a great job, do you wish to improve the BMax, with corporation?

(AndreasResch) #209


In the recent nightly builds of Blender 2.79 a lot of the UI elements in the shelf are not visible any more. It would be awesome if somebody could take a look at that.


(Craig Jones) #210

I don’t know for sure, but in my own work with add-ons we found that stuff disappearing was due to missing icons in the icon file, and that replacing the missing icon would allow drawing the rest of the missing buttons. Might be the case here. For some reason icons get tossed out depending on if they decide they aren’t needed anymore.

(AndreasResch) #211

Thanks for the insight. Unfortunately my Python skills are too poor to even try to tackle this idea.

I just tested the addon in V2.80 and it shows the same problem.

(Craig Jones) #212

It will have the same problem because if an icon is missing in 2.79b, it will definitely be missing in 2.8.

I will look but I cannot promise much as I haven’t really spent much time with this add-on other than recommending to friends that are migrating.

I realize now you are talking about the daily builds - which is not working for you, the 2.79 branch or the 2.8? It looks liek the Object Mode button (Object Interaction Mode) right there is where you are having a breakdown, and that might be because something has changed with the way the modes are handled now - I am not sure, since it is working with my official 2.79b here.

(AndreasResch) #213

Yes … I’m talking about the nightly builds (both for 2.79 and 2.80). But as I assume that they will evolve into official releases, the problem might be in them too.

(Craig Jones) #214

If you comment out that line for the object interaction mode, doe sit then show the rest? That is the question. I am work right now and can’t look at the add-on code here yet, but that doesn’t take much to look at the panel drawing and see where to comment that particular line.

edit: I can’t tell you the line right now, but it will correspond to the line that is not appearing, you will find it in the panel draw code.

(AndreasResch) #215

Which line do mean exactly?

(Craig Jones) #216

I found it but I am not versed enough to fix it I think

(AndreasResch) #217

Thanks for the feedback. I fear I’m not able to correct that myself either. Maybe the original programmer will see this and can gice it a try.


(ozzkar) #218

Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t work with nightly builds, and since it looks like all is fine and dandy in official 2.79 (or?), I’ll probably wait till 2.8 is out (I’m still at 2.78).

(AndreasResch) #219


Thanks for the answer. Your plugin works fine in the official release of 2.79, but doesn’t work in neither the nightly builds of 2.79 and 2.80. I use the nightly builds, as they render much faster than the regular builds. But as your plugin only works in the official version, I have to stick with that. I tried alternatives, but none was as fast as your plugin.

I hope that one day you can find the time to fix that problem.


(ozzkar) #220

You may try commenting out the lines 1977 and 1978 in the script. Just add # at the beginning of the line. You lose object interaction mode selection in the panel but it should work (if there are no other incompatibilities). These two lines were a sort of a hack anyway, I’m surprised it worked this long :wink: