BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)



Hi Bracer, thank for replying and i knew for the array modifier but to my own taste the clone options in max is so neat and fast that i got used to it.

(ozzkar) #242 (108.3 KB)
Here you go :wink: I’ve quickly added some options to Clone dialog. No real-time preview though (and you have to open the dialog from the menu or panel as before).

(Bracer) #243

One of the trick that 3DS max user uses ALL THE TIME is select a bunch of vertices and scale down, this sort of flattens the vertices along Z [or any orientation based on user rotate viewport] axis, can you implement[or maybe you already had done it] this by a one click flattern to screen base Z button ?

Feature request 2: Can you implement restore previous view ? This is presently IMPOSSIBLE in Blender and this is a leg up 3DS Max have that many miss in Blender. Yes I understand we can use a camera match it to that view so we can go back to it, but when we are “modeling”, this is just unnecessary nonsense.


Hi Ozz, mate you just made my day thank a thousand time and when i am out of the heavy workload on my hand i will dig deeper in python.

The community truly rock here kudos to everybody contributing!

These small thing are exactly what will help many 3ds max user to eventually switch.


Hi Bracer i don’t know if you were aware of this addon here : [Addon] Stored Views : User defined 3dview presets. Update 24/05/11

(Bracer) #246

I will check on that later on, if it is what I want, I would CRY!!!
Will update soon.

Dude @polynut, see what you did !

(juancarlosgzrz) #247

Where can I find the latest version of this script?


Sorry i forgot to mention it was already include in 2.79 community and you just have to activate it as usual via preferences and just delete the one you download from the link.


It’s in the first post.

(ozzkar) #250

Hi, I don’t want to put out one minor release after another, but I also don’t want to leave you dry :smiley: Flattening is available (in Blender as well as BMax) - in BMax look for ‘Align Special’, however View Align is missing in current iteration of add-on. But it’s fairly easy to add. Search for BMAX_EM_EditAlign_MT and add following code to it:

		op = ui.operator("transform.resize", text = "View Align", icon = 'MANIPUL')
		op.constraint_axis = (False, False, True)
		op.value = (1,1,0)
		op.constraint_orientation = 'VIEW'

Basically copy/paste ‘Make Planar’ option and change ‘constraint_orientation’ to ‘VIEW’.

Afterward, you should get something like this (sans that arrow :smiley:):

As for the view undo/redo - that’s a bit more complex. I may later have a look at it.

(Bracer) #251

Hi @ozzkar, it is an honor to see your new implementation to my request.

I am so sorry please allow me to clarify.
View [or in 3DS Max, screen] align Z [the current oth view’s Z not the world Z], not view align as in there is an invisible field in front that everything splash and flatten upon.

(ozzkar) #252

Well, I must say that now I have no clue what you mean. What do you want to align, and to what? And where does “select[ing] a bunch of vertices and scale down, this sort of flattens the vertices along Z [or any orientation based on user rotate viewport]” fit in? What should be the outcome? I guess it’s something I never tried :thinking: Either way, I still don’t understand :confused:

(Bracer) #253

Ok I will break it down in steps.
1: In 3DS Max, front view, rotate the view clockwise ONLY [for example].
2: Select a number of vertices, now with scale on, set to screen mode,
3: On the Y-Axis Click and drag down.
Now you will see all the vertices starting to line up.

In Blender, your plugin is SO CLOSE to achieving that.
When right click, your plugin have “Align Special”
But it only have Make Planar X, Y, Z, and they are based on the world’s X, Y and Z.
Can there be a Make Planar SCREEN [In 3ds max, it’s call screen, in Blender, it’s call view[not 3ds max version of view, we are talking about BLENDER’s version of view which = 3DS Max’s screen]] X, Make Planar Screen Y and Make Planar Screen Z ?

(ozzkar) #254 (108.9 KB)

Is this what you meant?

View rolling without camera is however still beyond me.

(Bracer) #255

View rolling is already possible with the 3D View Plugin but the increments are too…large and you have no control over it, so that really sucks for now.

Yes you got View Align right !
You are AMAZING!
I am private messaging you, hope you will reply.

(ozzkar) #256

Ah, I’m glad :smiley: And thanks for the tip – that plugin looks handy.

(Bracer) #257

Can you also include a right click->center pivot ?

Current to do that in blender, you have to Shift+Control+Alt+C.

Blender also have two options as you can see from the image.
Do you happen to know which of the two 3DS Max uses ? I just want to match what 3DS Max’s version of center is which is what your plugin is anyway, to match 3DS Max’s version.

(ozzkar) #258

When it comes to keyboard shortcuts, no. The keymap that I provided is only a “bonus” (maybe it can make someone’s life easier). But it’s just my personal layout and I’m currently not intending to expand it or keep multiple versions of it. I lack the motivation to maintain a full-fledged default Max keymap layout. That’s not the purpose of BMax. So, when it comes to menu and panel, the option to reset 3D cursor to center is there in Align Special, but custom keybindings I leave up to each user respectively :wink:

(Bracer) #259

Pardon me, I am just being retarded, I didn’t notice it already HAVE that feature.
Is it the one I selected ? Is that the one that centers the pivot to the center of the mesh ?

By the way I deleted your keymap layout the very minute I installed your plugin, wish it was never packaged in in the first place because “” alone is enough for me at least and in the future, I would just be installing “” next time.

(bloox64) #260

This is old, but someone recently made an addon that works exactly like Set Flow