BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)

(emboo2) #261

Ah, that’s awesome! Thanks for the head’s up!

(HeadClot) #262

Is this going to be updated for 2.80 @ozzkar ?

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(ozzkar) #263

In a foreseeable future, no. Then again, I might change my mind. But better not count on it :wink:

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(HeadClot) #264

Got it. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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(Christian Cammilleri) #266

First of all thank you for this great help you lend us (ex max users)
The arch studio where I work dropped the 3dsmax to look for alterntives, so Im now running against the clock to learn blender as fast i can.
I’ve got a couple of questions regarding the interface

where I could find the material settings, modifiers and all the rest of the icons:

im using 2.79 version

(Tomáš Luža) #267

welcome to happy blending comunity. I use 3ds max simultaneously with Blender. Max in work, and Blender at home and for my own commercial projects. Not sure if you were using V-ray with Max and or are you going to use with Blender aswell (yes you can) but be warned that transition is goin to be a bit harsh at the beggining. Material wise it is a bit different workflow but as soon as you inhale enought of Blender you will find it smooth aswell. Blender has some ups to 3ds max but also some downs (you can’t drag and drop modifiers etc.). There is also ton of addons (and a lot of them are free) that really speedup your work (especially archviz).

Anyway unless you are not limited to a pipeline of 3ds max (like a lot of big studios are) you will find Blender more than usable to replace 3ds max for archviz (and for what a price… :slight_smile: ).

BTW I recommend to use 2.8 as it is much more polished UI wise.



(Bracer) #268

Hey, still rocking your add-on, cannot survive without it.

The “Align Selection” tool [IRREPLACEABLE !] is interactive, meaning you can see the result before clicking “ok”.

But the “Clone Options” does not have the same interactivity, can we see the a preview just like the “Align Selection” while changing the Count and Offset before we click Ok ? Thanks !

(Nevil) #269

If some day you changed you mined pleas join me :wink:, I am continuing what you start and result is a little bit better than I was imagine.
I`ll be happy to here your opinion about BsMax :slightly_smiling_face:

(pacermike) #270

Wow, it looks exactly like the Max menus! Nice work, man :+1:

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(ozzkar) #271

Wow! I watched the video–it looks fantastic! Keep up the great work :wink:

(Nevil) #272

Its not perfect yet but not bad for now :blush: thank you.

(Nevil) #273

Happy to hear this.
And thank you for your BMax add-on too. I start to learning blender python API by reading that.

I am trying to create a prefect tool for every one coming to blender from any other software. BsMax does not contain only 3Ds Max UI and Key maps, Maya, SoftImage, cinema 4d, Modo is included too and switchable. and even Blender users can install it just for using the primitives.

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(wilBr) #274

Fantastic… max style primitives draw and edit mode are so nice, thank you… I hope you can add snap and ‘autogrid’.

I have some unfinished codes to draw Arc in any 3D plane coord (non restritct to 2 axis plane) and viewport undo/redo working in 2.79 … and a ‘sweep’ profile curve along a path curve without angular distortion… all unfinished, I hope can contribute in some time.

How to call your 3dsmax quad menu using another shortcut or F3 (search operator) don’t losting blender default rightclick menu?

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(Bracer) #275

Hi, can you implement the interactive align tool in BMax that is an exact replica of 3DS Max’s ? I cannot live without it, this is the reason why I am still tinkerly with 2.79b because I need BMax’s interactive align dialog, Blender’s native way of doing it is simply inferior.

(Nevil) #276

Thank you.
All your wish will come true. the only impossible in blender is impossible. but I need time to do all of that. any contribution is acceptable for me :blush:.

About have quad menu and blender default menu in same time I`ll find a solution.
About F3 i did not understand what you mean ? you can chose navigation, keymap and float menus separately.

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(Nevil) #277

Hi, I update and used ozzkar`s alight object code in BsMax and you can already use it in Blender 2.80. but if you mean exactly like in 3DsMax, select object press Alt + A or Shift + A and then pick the target, I had to say Yes it is possible but I have to able to enable navigation while picking before doing that.

(wilBr) #278

I want to call ‘quadmenu operator’ straightly, typing/searching in command search dialog (F3) … I can to find your ’ bpy.ops.bsmax.view3dquadmenue() ', but quadmenu dont showing.

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(emboo2) #279

@ nevilart: This looks incredible! I wish I could use 2.8 right now to test it! Love the quad menus!

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(Nevil) #280

There is a single Quad menu with almost 30 sub menus can load on it.
Quad menu has 2 Arguments once chose the list of sub menus has to load and the other one chose the space that menu has to load on it.
If I write operator to access all of them from search bar there will be many of them and will be ugly and confused.
if you asking this for have the quad menu and Blender default right click menu at the same time. solution is simple. in the next update of BsMax right after open the quad menu just click on blue aria on the center of the quads and Blender menu will open after that.

(wilBr) #281

hummm… I have my own rigthclick menu (pie menu editor) I want to call your quadmenu from my rigthclick menu like I’m calling blender default menu… like your ‘blue area click’ method, but calling your quadmenu from inside my menu, not the inverse.