BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


(ozzkar) #41

you cannot map the popup directly, but you can map the toggle that switches the right-click capture on/off (the big button on the bottom of the panel).
add bmax.toggle_right_click_menu with your desired key press combination somewhere into 3D View category (i’ve tested 3D View > Global) and you should be able switching from standard blender’s right-click to popup right-click behavior via a hotkey.

(ozzkar) #42

now i realized that you can call the menu directly via hotkey: add wm.call_menu in user preferences > input > 3D View and set it to call BMAX_MT_ToolMenu, switch off the right-click popup behavior via panel toggle and now you have blender’s right-click behavior and bmax menu mapped to hotkey.

(SaiZyca) #43

Thanks a lot ~
although I directly change some words in py and it works
but your solution is more flexible :slight_smile:

(zardoz) #44

I haven’t used Max (or anything else really) since 2011 but I was reasonably proficient in it… I am so fucking excited about using/learning this addon, since I haven’t gotten too deep past modeling/texturing in Blender. This looks beautiful.

(rattle-snake) #45

I’m just switching from max to blender ! and your script is just amazing !!! thank you so muuuch :smiley:

(ozzkar) #46

i’m glad to read this. i hope you find it useful :wink:

(ozzkar) #47

well, the pleasure is mine :slight_smile:

(dellis) #48

I’m going to be giving this a go as well…been using MAX since the very beginning! Thanks for all the hard work!!!

(PLyczkowski) #49

Could you give examples please? I’m compiling a list of UI proposals at the moment, so this would help.

(ozzkar) #50

just from the top of my head:

  1. terminology (i’m not really familiar with anything besides 3ds max so it may be irrelevant):
    reset xform = apply -> rotation / scale / position etc.
    attach = join
    link/unlink = parent (menu)
    reference/instance = linked object
  2. “modular” workflow approach (i wouldn’t consider blender modular from app design standpoint):
    one shining example is ‘target weld’ -> in max you activate the option and drag vertices around, in blender you need: a) set snap element to vertex b) switch on auto-merge c) switch on snap (the same goes for switching it off 3 actions vs one right click into viewport)

either way you can compare bmax tools to standard blender’s approach and see the shift (and more examples) :wink:

(PLyczkowski) #51


This message is too short so I have to write some more stuff.

(riveter) #52

I like this addon a lot. But I like the Blender hotkeys now that I have gotten used to them. Especially the E for extrude, G for grab, S for scale, etc. In your key mapping how do you handle something like GX or GXX (grab and translate in X axis global and local respectively)?

(ozzkar) #53

well i am used to use gizmos, so i just grab a handle and then (if desired) switch to different constraints via x/y/z keystrokes. i use the QWER (GRS) to switch between modes, not entering them. just one note - my key mapping is based on blender’s stock 3dsmax ui preset, i’ve just made some minor tweaks to it (summary of the changes is in post #10)…and extrude is Ctrl+E (so that QWER keys are for xforms)…you can also install just the addon and not the pref/keymap files and your key mapping should remain in a shape you are used to.

(Michael Knubben) #54

Ozzkar: It’s great that you’re turning Blender to your hand, but at least try to work without a manipulator. I used to use 3dsmax for all my work, and I use gizmos about 1% of the time now :slight_smile:

(ozzkar) #55

for someone who does not use gizmos your portfolio looks great and has a lot of character :wink: you have some great things over there. you know i am more in the story / game design / coding department of things (i just love dabling with visual art, and also it’s good to have ‘programmer art’ that isn’t just stick figures and boxes) so for me the gizmo is an invaluable tool, a graphical aid, something like pre-drawn helper perspective lines :smiley:

(docent) #56

dear ozzkar the great…
maybe align position could use active coordinate system against always global?

(ozzkar) #57

dear alignmaster docent, what exact behavior are you after? your suggestion is harder to implement than it reads :wink: (now the algorithms in align tool are fairly trivial - for position it aligns tight aabb-s, for rotation & scale there’s a simple match). either way, this is something that may appear in next iteration of bmax (as well as already suggested array tool), if my skills will be up to the challenge :slight_smile:
right now i am in process of leaving/migrating from my trusty 10-years old P4 machine so it may take some time till i return to all of my on-going projects.

(raylight75) #58

Great tool ozzkar, thats tool is time saver an must be implemented in Blender by default, i hope that you will continue the develompent in future.

(ozzkar) #59

thanks, your post is really encouraging :slight_smile:

(dncnmckn) #60

Looks like a great tool. I’m going to try it tomorrow to see how it works. Thanks.