BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


(Milan Stankovic) #81

Great post ozzkar, I wish I had those when I made the switch from 3ds max, 2 years ago :slight_smile:

(ozzkar) #82

tool operates on standard blender layers, except for freeze and render on/off which operate on objects of corresponding layer. layer names and index of layer selected in item list are stored as a custom scene properties (just in case ;)).

initialize layer manager -> deletes all names, shows only occupied layers, unfreezes all, enables rendering of all, sets first layer visible regardless if it contains objects or not and names it ‘Default’ or, when run for the first time, builds a collection with the same attributes.

tools in item list (from left):

  • show layer (visible when on)
  • freeze layer (frozen when on)
  • restrict render (allow when on)

tools under the list (from left):

  • select all objects in layer (deselect all other)
  • select from layer by name (see image below)
  • move to layer
  • show all layers that contain objects (hide empty)
  • unfreeze all layers
  • allow rendering of all layers

known limitations:

  • freeze and allow render operations performed on individual objects are not reflected by the tools in the item list. toggle the tool that is out of sync once, to reflect again the global state of all objects in affected layer (you override the individual changes by global layer state)
  • move to layer sets all selected objects so that they belong to only one layer

known bug: loading factory settings then enabling bmax tools addon and running “initialize layer manager” without restarting blender causes the script to crash

Uninitialized layer manager

Initialized layer manager :wink:

Select from layer by name

enjoy :slight_smile:

(Alemar) #83

hi ozzkar
I don´t know Blender, but I was waiting for this kind of tool to use it.But I don´t know how to install your plugin… sorry , could you explain for me ?
Thank you

(ozzkar) #84

to install bmax tools on windows machine:

  1. installing the script:
    a) copy the .py file to <your blender install directory>/<your blender version>/scripts/addons/
    (it may be something like: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.69\scripts\addons)
    b) run blender > open menu File > User Preferences > Addons > tick the checkbox next to BMax Tools (this step is only required if you don’t install the layout)

  2. installing the layout (optional - overwrites your UI layout):
    a) install the script (point 1a)
    b) copy userpref.blend and startup.blend into C:\Users&lt;your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender&lt;your blender version>\config (or similar, depending on windows version you are running) - if this directory doesn’t exist just create it or run blender and save user preferences - the dir will be created), to access this dir you need to enable “show hidden folders”)

i don’t know if these procedures can be done automatically from within blender, since i always went this manual route. hope this helps :wink:

(Copycat) #85

I came here to thank you. The addon is absolutely awesome. After 2 years of tinkering with Blender on my free time, while heavily working with MAX, I finally feel comfortable and manage to actually do stuff!

Just one little quirk: it appears that the right-click functionality on the node editor has been hampered. Also moving after box-selecting isn’t working tip-top. Is there a quick way I could fix this?

Otherwise, utterly brilliant. Thanks again.

(ozzkar) #86

i am glad to read this :wink:

i am afraid i don’t understand. could you please elaborate a little more on this? :confused:

(Copycat) #87

Sorry. It’s quite simple actually. If I select “node editor”, the right-click doesn’t bring up the “add” menu.

And if I drag-select (box select) many nodes to move them, they don’t move. The selection is lost instead.


(hd_) #88

Nice addon ! Blenders default presentation can certainly be overwhelming, having standard UI features like a context-sensitive right click menu is a very good thing :slight_smile:

(ozzkar) #89

i didn’t use node editor until today so i don’t know much about it. should there be a default blender right-click functionality? bmax tools right-click is supposed to work only within 3d view.

it seems that 3ds max keymap preset’s QWER implementation isn’t extended to work within node editor. standard blender G/R/S work though (make selection > press ‘G’ > move selection > left click to confirm the new position).

(danielhoestan) #90

Very nice, Im impressed!

(ZanQdo) #91

Hi ozzkar I’m wondering if the align tools are based on blender’s inbuilt align tools (which I wrote) :slight_smile: If yes, what would you like to add? If not what did you do different?

(ozzkar) #92

hi sorry for late reply (didn’t receive notification :confused:). the script operates on location, rotation_euler and scale properties of selected objects. the functionality is sort of a middle ground between advanced align tool add-on, simple align tool add-on and 3ds max align dialog (see first 3 functions and following class in the script). so i guess i have not used the inbuilt align functionality (is it on the C side?).

what i’ve missed was some kind of function like GetTemporaryMeshDescriptionFromSceneObject() to calculate correct bounding boxes of rotated and/or scaled non-mesh objects (splines, fonts, …) without complicating the script too much, but i guess this is out of scope of your question.

the overall aim was to get that 3ds max-ish feel and behavior, but i’m afraid i cannot pinpoint exact differences in our approaches.

(ZanQdo) #93

Interesting, my operator (bpy.ops.object.align) does perfect alignment every time by default using a high quality calculation of the bounding box. It can also be set to use blender’s bounding boxes but those can fail in some cases (crazy shapes and transforms). My op is actually based on inkscape align functionality, but of course taken from 2D into 3D.

(ZanQdo) #94

True, it was never meant to do that but It could be added

Yes it does, shift click on multiple axes to add them

Interesting, this is something we should solve too, Altough using the CVs is not a good solution IMO

It also supports negative and positive sides (MAX-MIN), take a look at the operator properties. We could add pivot too, i didn’t think of that.

Aye I’ll add that, sounds reasonable

Mmm it does!? Set relative to: 3D Cursor

My op does a heavier calculation by default, cycling trough all the vertices in a mesh and finding the exact bounding box, taking into account things like scale, rotation and any complex geometry type. This is the only way I could find that always produces correct results.

I see alignment tools are quite important to people, I’m interested in merging efforts into a simple but feature full tool integrated by default (like my op). For this to remain integrated in blender by default it needs to avoid duplication of functionality, this is why my addon doesn’t try to do all kinds of alignment which are actually quite simple to do with regular Blender tools.

(ZanQdo) #95

Here’s an example of a mesh that would fail with my attempts to find the correct global BB using only vector math. See how it rests perfectly on scene origin (using my brute force approach aka High Quality)

Blend file here, let me know how it goes with your approach, you’re probably much better than me at math :slight_smile: Align.blend (52.6 KB)

(ozzkar) #96

hm, didn’t think of that. some hint would be useful.

thats where i missed something to get temporary snapshot of mesh->vertex representation of an object

i’ve totally missed the “relative to” parameter. sorry. still aligning 3d cursor to active object can be of some use.

that’s what i meant by basic vector math (unless you’re not going for AABB :confused:).

(ozzkar) #97

well the min vertex (the one on bottom right) has z at 0.0…and i’ve found another difference bmax align cannot align directly to scene origin i had to use 3d cursor located there :).

(AlexanderLean) #98

Hi, first of all i want to say HOW AWESOME this add-on is. I went from max to blender cause i want some free program i bought zbrush i to have max i need a renderer like vray or smth. So i stucked with blender, and it fits all my needs except UI and i found this add-on! ITS AMAZING!! But i have some problem with installing it

I have last version of blender installed.

And here is the thing when i try install keymaps

Can someone help? Is this still in development?

(ozzkar) #99

i’ve been told bmax tools script works up to blender 2.71 (i’ve tested 2.68 and 2.69).

no. i cannot keep up with the pace at which blender breaks it’s own established coding rules.

(CgGrl) #100

Hello ozzhar!

Thanks for this! As a recent college graduate, and as a means to an end to my campus resources, I’m new to learning blender. I went crazy using the right click when I was so used to Maya’s left click to select objects. You are right, the terminology was a bit different than I am used to. Looking at tutorials on Digital Tutors led me to finding out about your awesome addon and I have to say, you’ve made me feel a lot better. Thanks for sharing :yes: