BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


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Sorry to semi-necro this thing… but I’m still trying to come to grips with Blender. I’m a Softimage guy, and refused to upgrade the moment AD bought XSI. Ergo, I’ve been trying to learn both Lightwave and Blender. Neither is going too well…but anyway…

Your BMAX tools were the first bright light of hope I had, for Blender modeling at least. Alas, the Blender dudes apparently “broke” stuff in the code, again, forcing many plugins and updates to adapt or be forever stuck in whatever version they were made for (this is one of the KEY things, I think, keeping “pro coders” from making GUI’s, plugins, addons, whatever, for Blender…).

So, what if you did a little Kickstarter or something for it? You could get paid to update to the latest version. That way you don’t feel like your time is being ‘wasted’… and I totally get that …and neither would your significant other and/or kids/pets. :slight_smile: I know I would happily pay for an updated, “latest version of Blender” version of BMAX tools.

Anyone else here feel that?


Paul L. Ming

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Could do like mifth, and have a suggested donation button for those that download the add on. Maybe that could help with maintaining it.

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thanks. your post is really encouraging. :yes:

honestly, i think blender dudes have more serious problems than “breaking” stuff (some of which are naming conventions - INSANE) with almost each release. in this way i doubt blender will reach professional production pipelines in a way max, maya and others do.

it’s a good idea i’ll think about it.

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Hey, I’m also 3ds Max user and one thing about Blender I hate is it’s gizmo. Why doesn’t Blender has 2-axis constraints (like in Max, Maya, Marmoset, UE, Unity…)? I liked to use edge extrusion to model in 3ds max nut in Blender it makes me crazy to use shortcuts to contstraint direction every time with shortcuts.
Someone made it:
but it’s not available any more…

Maybe you can think about that feature…? :slight_smile:

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Welcome, for me its a different story all together. I started out with Blender with 2.43. Did not do anything with it really as it was complicated to learn at first. However once 2.5 came out, I started really messing with it. Still nothing serious, did a couple of mods for games like Morrowind. When 2.63 came out I started to really work with Blender, following all kinds of tutorials. Now I am in school, and am forced to use Maya, I still prefer Blender, most stuff is just easier in Blender in my opinion, although there are a few things that is in Maya I would love to see in Blender. But that is another story.

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:slight_smile: Yeah, me again. Just checking up on the whole BMax thing. I have money right here, ready to transfer to you ozzkar, as soon as you open a Kickstarter (or whatever) for updated BMax.

Since my last post I bought MODO Indie and am fairly impressed by it. Easy to use, ‘works the way I expect’, lots of useful tools for niche situations, etc. Alas, no Plugin or Scripting support in the Indie version. :frowning:

Anyway… I still have a love/hate with Blender, and your BMax tools put a big ol’ love-spark in my pants… er… uh…that didn’t sound the way it did in my head… Ahem. So…just a friendly little reminder that I (and others, I know) are still behind you in updating it when/if you get the time and feel the desire for a few extra bucks in your bank account. :slight_smile:


Paul L. Ming

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This is an awesome addon. Please continue to develop it further.

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I tried the addon and even though there are a lot of features I like I decided not to use it, so I deactivated it. However since then every time I right click I get an error popup: “Menu BMAX_MT_ToolMenu not found”.
This happens even if I remove the plugin completely…
Any ideas how to clean this up?

(Meta-Androcto) #109

if you deleted the file the error should be gone. try removing your startup file to see if this helps.

(ToshiCG) #110

Ah got it! There was a “call menu” hotkey in my key setup that was left even after uninstalling the addon… not sure if the addon itself added it or I did it (maybe I did but I can’t remember). Anyway, problem solved :slight_smile:
Thanks, Meta-Androcto!

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I’ve just come across this, and the align tool was just plain needed in blender anyway. I actually really don’t like max’s modelling workflow. But the align tool is really handy and will be nice to use in blender. Thanks for these!

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I’m pretty new to blender this and I kind of lost as to how to bring up the Bmax panel and tools. I installed from user add ons but dont know where to bring it up.

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I all I need to do was restart Blender. Is there a way to still use the 3d cursor with BMax???

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Sorry? I’m new can you tell me how to install or use it?

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@ozzkar this was a magnificent addon, it’s sad you dropped development due to blender changing their code bases.

Please consider setting up a donation account and/or start an indiegogo/kickstarter campain for a full blender->max mod.

For many people that have learned to use MAX (with educational versions, for example) that cannot afford the prices, Blender has an incredibly steep learning curve, helped greatly by your addon.


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Man, I am just trying migrate to blender and this tools make my 2016 much more happy. That is reeeeally greeeatttt. Thanks Thanks and THANKS!!!

(ozzkar) #117

What I considered the last “show stopper” - missing ‘turn hidden edge’ - is resolved (thanks to Blender’s new triangulation parameters). Tool operates in edit face mode and needs exactly one quad selected. It doesn’t distinguish tris/quads/ngons, so be careful :D.

Keymap contains new updates:

hot-key action
Ctrl+LMB 3D View > 3D View (Global) > Activate/Select
Shift+LMB 3D View > Mesh > Pick Shortest Path

This removes the problem in edit mode, where Shift+LMB didn’t work (no matter any of the user settings) and Ctrl+LMB picked all elements on a shortest path between start and end of selection, resulting in a “click-galore”.

Enjoy :wink:

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Talk about timing! I was looking at Blender again (3dsmax is my main 3d tool) and I found your addon through a google search. I read the entire thread, and when I got to the section where you had understandably stopped development, I was a bit heart broken. Then I got to this last post which you made two days ago. I’m so happy. I installed BMaxTool on 2.76 and it works great! I’m actually able to quickly model in blender for the first time.

Several people mentioned donating money to inspire you to continue developing BMaxTool. I hope you’ll consider this. Perhaps a Patreon account. That way everyone interested could chip in a small amount every month. Just my $.02

Anyway, thanks for making Blender approachable for us max users!

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I’m ready to pay for this extension - 10-15$ it should be good price for still live and still developed add-on. Ozzkar - i hope You will add here some paypal account or gumroad or patreon. Your addon is a life-saver piece of software. I’m using every day a 3ds max 2012. With Your add-on i’m trying to make a blender my second 3d software. If you will develop BMax tool to next versions of blender, i suppose that hundreds of pepple using 3ds max will start to using blender.
Keep your excellent work go on :slight_smile:

(ozzkar) #120

i made some cosmetic updates to the add-on itself and a major one for UV editor keymap (see here). now my workflow finally feels somewhat consistent :slight_smile:

as i didn’t find nothing of interest in roadmap of upcoming releases, i guess i’ll lock myself to blender 2.77a for a while, to actually finish things instead of struggling with technical details :smiley: (when some bugs pop up, i will post fixes for 2.77a)

EDIT: i’ve moved to 2.78 without a major hiccup (for now :D) …oh, except for the missing sdl2.dll, that got fixed by repair installation :smiley: EDIT END

ps. i had a moment of utter embarrassment few days ago, when i was asked if i could add a “make planar” tool. i went on to explain how to cheat it with scaling only to realize that these tools are already part of the add-on. so for all of you that missed them and especially as a reminder to myself, here is a neat screenshot: