BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


(arcarsenal) #121

So much of this is so useful because it replaces things I actually miss from MAX.

But for god’s sake…Blender has a Modifier stack…

Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get an Edit Mesh modifier like Max has?

Not just Edit Mode…but Multiple edit modes that can be stacked like modifiers? That single addition and some of the tool in this add-on would make Blender a dream…

(arcarsenal) #122

An Edit Mesh modifier and I will certainly donate…

(Craig Jones) #123

What you ask for is certainly requiring a rewrite of core functionality, and not likely to be possible in just a python addon.

(emboo2) #124

@ arcarsenal : i agree with craig jones. the snapshot meshes addon is a nice alternative to the edit mesh modifier in max.

@ ozzkar : sorry again about not noticing the make planar options. :o

would you consider adding the repeat last (F6) option to the top of the list? this way say if you added a bevel, you would have the option to change it right there on the menu like max has dialog boxes next to main operators. ( see the boxes next to the move rotate and scale in the image below. )

anyway, thanks for sharing this awesome addon! :cool:

(ozzkar) #125

i fixed a bunch of bugs and added a “Viewport Settings” menu and entry for blender’s “Redo Last”. one picture is worth a thousand words :D:

(ozzkar) #126

it was a great reality check for me :smiley:

one of the best blender related tips i got! (i did’t even know about F6), it’s included in v1.8 :wink:

(ozzkar) #127

as craig jones already mentioned, this one would require changes to blender’s source code, i.e. code the modifier on C side and either persuade all relevant participants that it should be included into the core of an official release or forking blender. none of the options is for me a trivial one :smiley:

(emboo2) #128

whoa, that was fast! awesome! thanks ozzkar! :slight_smile:

(Craig Jones) #129

This is good news. I don’t use the addon myself having never used max, but I point others here to this thread all the time when I encounter them in other forums or on facebook/twitter, and the feedback I have gotten has all been positive.

(JTA) #130

Actually a simplified mesh modifier type feature in python is possible with some tricks. If someone thinks outside of the box or more specifically outside of the scene there is a resource that is rarely used. It seems like an ugly hack but it works. A few addons stash geo info in additional scenes. It is fairly easy to do in bpy. A kind of backup or versioning of a mesh can be done this way.

Also the mesh cache modifier can be used in a similar way. Of course a C source code solution would be best but there are tricks outside the box that can work very well.

(DigitalNeutrino) #131

OMG, After using 3ds max for about 12 years , and loving blender since 2006.
I find this little gem!
Now its time to take blender to the next level for me.

Thank You.

(ozzkar) #132

this. also it’s not a modifier per se. it’s kind of branching instead of a stack. i personally would get confused very fast :smiley:
EDIT: or does it somehow involve instances/references (of instances/references)? either way, the concept of an edit mesh modifier in blender seems superfluous to me.

if you feel like it, please feel free to post a short “tutorial” for anyone interested. i know next to nothing about how mesh cache modifier works and what are its use cases.

definitely. on the other hand i guess that max’s edit poly/mesh modifiers are themselves workarounds for problems inherent in max’s workflow/design (editing skinned mesh comes to mind).

(ozzkar) #133

thank you :slight_smile:

(arcarsenal) #134


Why do you think an Edit Mesh modifier would be superfluous? Edit mode is great. But what is greater is being able to quickly hide and show various edits made, and if the topology remains the same, even being able to remove several layers of edits.

Since so many people said this probably requires edits on the C side of the source, I understand the difficulties now.

BUT…I find myself so often saving multiple files to move backward, or using multiple layers to hide older edits of a mesh. The snapshot add-on seems like a perfectly good hack/work-around. But none of that really replaces storing the edits in the object data itself, being able to quickly hide and show edits, delete single or multiple edits at once (providing the topology remains the same), being able to change the topology at later stages in the stack (which of course, effectively renders that a new starting points, to return to an earlier state would undo the topology changes)…

But my original question…why do you consider this superfluous?

I have really come to enjoy the Blender workflow as compared to make, minus some things (object duplication and cloning, multiple duplications without making a full-on array, etc. Some of the tools mentioned here I never really used so I can’t comment on those).

But the Edit Mesh modifier is the single function I miss most. Why do you think it is superfluous?

(Now that I think about it…I wonder what happens if you stack up multi-res modifiers but don’t subdivide…simply edit within the modifier?)

(ozzkar) #135

it never occurred to me to use edit mesh modifier in this way. i guess i didn’t grasp the full potential of max’s modifier stack. i always just applied a modifier, tweaked it, and when i was satisfied with the result, i collapsed everything back to editable poly (i would prefer if max could bake the vertex weights to base mesh as well :D).

well it obviously is superfluous only from my standpoint (love for destructive edits, mighty undo and file versioning). i can now see how your type of workflow may hugely benefit from it.

for it to be a full-fledged modifier, provided that blender’s modifier stack is internally designed to support this kind of modifier. otherwise it may require more fundamental changes to the source. i guess the snapshot add-on really is a perfectly good work-around, if you need an “in file” object versioning (and if i correctly understand what it does :)).

(arcarsenal) #136

Interesting response. It never occurred to me that the stack was for anything other than
… stacking? I never collapsed to editable poly until i was like1000% sure it was ready, and even then i did it in a copied file so i could still go back. Now i’m kind of curious about your work flow.

But…when i get a chance i still am going to see if i can use the multi-res modifier as an edit mesh modifier because if they can be stacked, each one ought to give access to its own little edit mesh section? Maybe wishful thinking…

(arcarsenal) #137

Ozzkar, one more thing. 3dsmax makes it EXTREMELY easy to render out a playblast (realtime animation, but not rendered, from whatever viewport or camera is selected, and whatever shading mode is selected (wireframe, textured, plain smooth shaded, “realistic”, hell, i think even bounding boxes). This feature seems much more clunky in blender, im not entirely sure if it can render a playblast directly to mp4, mov, avi, whatever. I do know it can render a series of images than can be run through an external image>animation program, and i’m sure even the compositor. But that is so much more clunky than selecting a viewport, a shading mode, a resolution, and simply stepping through the frames and recording them to sn animation for immediate playback. It offers almost realtime ability to view you animation at lower quality but full speed to see how movement and timing is working.

Is there any way to streamline this in blender so it is as simple, intuitive, and versatile as in 3dsmax. My system is slow and can’t play back anywhere near realtime, and since i am only familiar with the method of combining individual opengl images in an external program for playback (a real bitch to do), is there an easy way to play blast straight to animation in blender, or can this by chance be copied from 3dsmax?

Im probably stupid and missed something, but if not the question is relevant.

(Craig Jones) #138

There is Boomsmash

Try this thread and look

(ozzkar) #139

i’m afraid i cannot help you with this problem. i’ve always used viewport directly (in whatever app i was using) to preview animations, but since i only work with low poly game assets it was never an issue.

sure. i think it warrants it’s own thread ;).

(arcarsenal) #140

Thanks @CraigJones! I’ll take a look at it.

And Ozzkar, at least the two responses give me some hope it wasn’t an ENTIRELY stupid question. I was just posting it here cause it’s one of my favorite little thoughtful 3dsmax things (and honestly, Blender I think has more thoughtful quirks, but Max has some nice ones).

But! I should mention, the animated automated playblast is good for high-res stuff, AND for low-poly+slow computers :wink:

Maybe I’ll find a spot for a new thread if that other add on doesn’t do what I need.