BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


(hris) #141

one of the best feature in 3ds max for me, is modifier stackig. I’m using in every day, in every model.
I’m always starting with some simple, low poly shape (like a simple sofa) next i’m adding Turbosmooth with 1 subdivide, next Edit Poly modifier, next again Turbosmooth with 1 subdivide, next i’m addint some new loops in next editpoly modifier, than i’m selecting some edges (now model is more than middle poly) to detach them from model, to use them as seams, and next modifier, and next…and next…sometimes FFD modifier, sometimes MaterialID randomizer, sometimes i want to change edit poly to edit mesh…sometimes spherize or add next UV Mapping. And i can delete any modifier at any time. And i can revert to my simple model at any time too :slight_smile: Maybe in future someone will create something like EditPoly or Editmesh modifier like in 3ds max :slight_smile:

(ozzkar) #142

for the sake of consistency i’ve added a right-click menu to uv editor. it’s mostly a collection of native blender tools, and i finally feel like i’m working inside one app :smiley: honestly, after really doing stuff in blender, i’m proud of myself that i was able to unwrap things in max :smiley: now, some “eye candy” ;):

(HeadClot) #143

Ok I just installed your plugin. As a 3DS Max user that has been trying to transition to blender now for a long while.

I feel at home again. :smiley:



(ozzkar) #144

this part makes me really happy :slight_smile:

(ozzkar) #145

i’ve made the UV editor right-click menu more “max-like” (for details see original post and updated image above #142.

also worth mentioning is the fact, that the UV spacing tool (which is based on an old add-on by Dan Wheeler - don’t install, the tool is included in BMax Tools) cannot recognize separate continuous loops of selected UVs and will operate on the selection as a whole. so, as always, be carefull (when using it) :smiley:

(Åsmund) #146

Thanks a bunch for this, I could buy you a beer! Heres my Blender workspace now :slight_smile: I dont think I have seen a cleaner UI in any other 3D softwares before. I struggeled with setting up Blender as Maya but you saved me my trouble. Thanks again!

EDIT: I found the subdivide option: CTRL+Rightclick :slight_smile: Now I can sleep.

(ozzkar) #147

despite what i thought few weeks ago, i made a leap to blender 2.78 right when i was finalizing v2.2 of bmax tools. alongside a couple of fixes and an overall cleanup, the major additions are:

  • graph editor right-click menu + keymap overhaul (mainly mouse behavior - see here)

  • dopesheet editor right-click menu + keymap overhaul (mainly mouse behavior - see here)

  • minimal toolset for curve editing

(ozzkar) #148

i have fallen in love with maya 3d view color scheme. as a result, the theme is updated accordingly, and i’ve also added a set of six predefined backgrounds, you can select from a menu:

  • in first column: elsyiun, black, xsi
  • in second column: grey blue gradient, maya gradient, maya light

backgrounds can be switched on the fly, either from viewport settings menu or via quick display tools, the row of buttons where the arrow points (see image below). the tools are in order (from left):

  • viewport backround menu
  • viewport shading menu
  • edged faces toggle
  • set flat shading (object must be selected)
  • set smooth shading (object must be selected)
  • solid opengl light setup dialog
  • matcap toggle

(neither viewport background, nor solid light get saved with scene, as they are stored only with user preferences…)

lastly, an important improvement pertains to ‘target weld’. whenever there is a situation when snapping is off, and/or snap target is not vertex, but auto-merge is on, the button will display an auto-merge icon, to notify you, that you can still weld things together (see image)

enjoy :wink:

(ozzkar) #149

here i have a little ‘extra’. i’ve added a read only access lock for screen and scene properties in the header of info panel (see image) by modifying the vanilla version of that comes with the 2.78 install.

to enable this functionality:

  1. download the package below
  2. backup the file <your blender install directory>\2.78\scripts\startup\bl_ui\ (important !!!)
  3. copy the file from the package to <your blender install directory>\2.78\scripts\startup\bl_ui\
  4. optional - if something goes south, just copy the original back :frowning: otherwise enjoy protected screens and scenes :slight_smile:

if you already have this file modified, i guess you will know exactly what to transfer over, furthemore i’ve tried to comment the changes as clearly as possible.

download: (3.4 KB)

enjoy :wink:

to next hack

(ozzkar) #150

alongside of fixing a bunch of funny and not so funny bugs, i’ve completely remade the layer manager. now it resides in its own panel, and i was finally able to remove quotation marks from the name of the joke that it was :o. now it should finally work as advertised :D.

if you have a feeling that the menu somehow lacks previous features - bmax tools 3d view right-click menu now defaults to compact mode (subset of tools found in panel - panel itself remained untouched).
if you wish the menu to open in full length (mirrors the content of panel - but up to 23 menu items at root level), search for bmax_FULL at the beginning of the script file, and set it to True.

enjoy :wink:

(Åsmund) #151

I have a suggestion. Can you, if possible try to put the tools menu in a horitonzal way where the 3D-view panel is? And when in the selected tool i in the tools menu, put th properties in the left panel where the tools menu originally is?

(ozzkar) #152

i’m afraid i don’t understand what you mean :confused:. could you please post some kind of mockup or other visual clue?

(Åsmund) #153

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Heres what I whish Blender have looked like in the first place:

[NOTE: The screenshot above is just a mockup]

I tried to look into your script for horitonzal settings, but I didnt find anything related to the toolspanel. Hope its able to script Blender to look like this. Thanks for the update by the way!

[Ignore the second image, uploaded wrong screenshot]


(ozzkar) #154

i had a quick look at C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\scripts\startup\bl_ui\ and it looks like it could be done via scripting although it’s beyond the scope of an add-on, and more in the vein of a mod (e.g. see here). i like your idea so when i take up this challenge i will let you know.

you’re welcome :wink:

(Åsmund) #155

That would be awezome. I will be easier to read the tool buttons too, if you manage to do it.

(ozzkar) #156

well, i took a deeper look and found out that it’s not worth the hassle. it wouldn’t be a mod but a very ugly hack without the exact benefits of your idea.

  1. the tool shelf and its vertical tab system would probably still remain (so no nicely docked tools under the properties window). this problem borders on source code changes.

  2. it could, to certain degree, work for blender’s own panels, but i have no clue how to dynamically track all the components that add themselves as panels to tool shelf (or even if it can be done), one would probably end up with tabs in both places

  3. without changing the blender’s source, all add-ons that add themselves to tool shelf would have to support this functionality (read hack :D) to manage their visibility, which is totally out of my reach

so, all in all, what i could have come up with would probably only make things more cumbersome :(, but maybe you could present your idea to someone who works on the blender (not only ui) on a much much deeper level :wink:

(Åsmund) #157

I understand alot of things need to be rewritten if this was possible. Could you point me into some guides for scipting the Blender UI?
Hope it will be possible to undock all the toolbars and manage them in your own way as you can in SubstancePainter someday. Yes,
I posted the screenshot on twitter with alot of Blender hashtags :slight_smile:

(ozzkar) #158

when i picked up blender scripting i literally started here (with the difference that the version was 2.68a). best “tips-n-tricks” i found (through google) here on BA and stackexchange. all ui related stuff is basically summed up here - it’s a page i visit a lot ;).

(Åsmund) #159

Thanks :slight_smile: Looking forward to see the futher developement of this great addon. Ive already recommended it to some newcomers to Blender.

(ozzkar) #160

i’m glad you find it useful and thanks for encouragement :slight_smile: