BMesh back to normal.

Blender crashes. Could somebody please help?

What I wish to do: Model a mesh using BMesh and to import it to a normal build (for use in the game engine).

My problem: When I open the .blend in my normal 2.57 build and I try to enter edit mode with my mesh selected, Blender crashes.

Other stuff you need to know: I am sure that all n-gons are converted (when they weren’t all converted, my normal build couldn’t even open the file). Other than that, my mesh renders normally in the viewport (in object mode).

Is there some kind of converter or something?

Couldn’t you just export to, say, 3ds or something, and then import it into a regular build?

Thank you, skykooler. Wavefront Object worked. Only bug is, My mesh was triangulated, tho it is not so big of an issue.