Bmesh .blend not working with stable build

Hi guys,
I opened a blend in bmesh to correct some topology and saved it. But now when I open it up in 2.59(stable) it won’t open properly and I get a mass of edges instead of my object :frowning: It opens fine in bmesh but not the stable. I tried to append the file in the stable branch but it won’t recognize it as an object.

Are there any solutions or do I have to keep working on it in bmesh?

It opens fine in bmesh but not the stable.
Why would you be surprised by this ? You shouldn’t use it expecting not to have problems.
Have you tried exporting it out of the bmesh build as an obj and then importing it into 2.59.

I was surprised by it, it’s not like the blend structure was radically changed in 2.59.2. Anyway, I tried exporting and importing it and it worked! Thanks Richard :yes: