BMesh Blender 2.63

Hi all,

I have a few questions regarding BMesh:

  1. Is BMesh modeling the default modeling option in Blender now?
    (from 2.63)

  2. Can I switch between BMesh modeling and ‘normal’ modeling before I start modelling?

  3. After modeling using BMesh, is there any way to convert the mesh back into quads/triangles?
    (e.g. for exporting to CAD software which prefer triangles/quads)


1 - Yes
2 - No
3 - When you save you have the option to save as the old legacy format or you could just convert ngons to tris and then tris to quads just as you can in previous versions of blender

Hi Richard,

thanks for reply. Can you tell me what key-combination or menu item I have to use to convert from ngon to quad/tris?

Thanks again!