Bmesh boolean

is there an example on how to use bmesh boolean functions?

like doing a union boolean between a cylinder and a 1/2 UV sphere


Isn’t a boolean a boolean? There is no other mesh other than bMesh inside Blender now.

do you mean it has not been integrated yet ?

is there a way to do some boolean with bmesh at all!

i woudl like to use some boolean operations to simplify a certain mesh
otherwise it would be very complicated to do !


I guess I don’t understand the confusion? If you have a mesh in Blender it is already a bmesh there is no going back. Any boolean operation on a mesh is, by definition, a bmesh operation. Take a look at the Cell fracture code if you want to view an example of boolean operations controlled by python.

let me re phrase that

i’m using Bmesh API not the old one!

but i want to script a complicated 3D shape
and the fastest way i can make it would be to make a boolean operation
like union or intersect boolean
like a union boolean between a cylinder and a 1/2 UV sphere

now i check the Bmesh API pages and did not see any boolean operators

so wondering if there is any boolean operators available uisng Bmesh data


@Atom: he means he uses the Bmesh module, not the standard API.

There are no boolean BMOs in bmesh module, either are there standard API operators for such operations.


@Ricky: So just use the modifier, that is how the Cell fracture works.

ok this does not directly change the bmesh ob data

so you have to use the std ob operators which will do that for you!

i have some examples for this i’ll find it