bmesh exrude ?

when you extrude it seems to extrude relative ?

is there a way to exttrude to a specific absolute value?

equivalent to scale to X =0 or last verts selected may be !


When you hit E to extrude it extrudes along the normal. To extrude along a given axi just hit x,y,or z to constrain it then type the number of blender units you want to extrude (E,X,20). To extrude to a specific vert, edge or face you can click the magnet at the bottom of the 3d window to turn on snapping. then just extrude like normal but when you mouse over what you want to snap to it will snap. Almost always a good idea to constrain extrusions. Sometimes it will work better to use the widget handles and either local,normal,or world space to manipulate things in edit mode.

is this a python question? if so, how are you extruding?

well this is python forum as i remember ! LOL

here is part of script

Extrude and create geometry

edges_start_a = bm3.edges[:]

ret = bmesh.ops.extrude_edge_only(
geom_extrude_mid = ret[“geom”]

verts_extrude_b = [ele for ele in geom_extrude_mid
if isinstance(ele, bmesh.types.BMVert)]

edges_extrude_b = [ele for ele in geom_extrude_mid
if isinstance(ele, bmesh.types.BMEdge) and ele.is_boundary]
del ret

verts_dupe = [ele for ele in geom_dupe if isinstance(ele, bmesh.types.BMVert)]


vec=(0, 5, 0.0))

i found a way with 2 commands
one extrude relative then do the translate to a specific height
but would prefer to do it if possible in one command

so might there be a better way may be?

i’m doing some extruded faces from curved edges
and i cannot make the faces like that
so need first to extrude to a fix level then i might be able to make some non crossing quad faces

and after that i need also to add another exterior edges wth a new mat
any easy way of doing that ?


but would prefer to do it if possible in one command

It always two commands / operators in blender

See the bmesh.ops page, there is more than one op to extrude


same with duplicate then use transform i guess

in 2 commands !

i’ll keep going on that path with 2 commands