BMesh Modeling Test

I am so glad Blender has BMesh now that I made a video of my first time using it to make something. It’s not the prettiest model (which is why it’s not a Work In Progress), but I’m pleased with the tools I used to make it.

One little issue I had was that the knife tool sometimes doesn’t cut (or even see) edges when the model is subdivided. When I have more time I’ll submit a bug report.

I love modeling with bmesh!
Good model :slight_smile:

Cool, now I understand much better how bmesh can be utilized well. However, it also reminds me that b-mesh is just a tool to get to good quad topology. Was a little bit fast for me, but i learned a thing or two.

Wow, amazing technique, it’s like “drawing” your model, especially the nose part is the most difficult to me and you made seem very easy. Now I have to relearn modeling heads BMESH :slight_smile:


Yep. Totally.

Yeah, I used to model in Blender a lot during the 2.3x and 4x days. The nose and ears were always a pain in the butt because they’re complex structures with tiny concave and convex structures in all wrapped up together like a crazy noodle. It’s one of the reasons I ended up using Silo - because it gave me the flexibility to model like I wanted to, without having to do it all in Max or having to rely on Wings. Silo hasn’t had a real update in a while, and Blender can do everything it can, and more. So I’m really happy that BMesh is finally in a final legitimate release of Blender. People and studios are going to really start taking it up now. Blender is going to be THE #1 3d suite.

Trancerobot - Thanks for sharing that. Any chance of issuing that slowed down a tad?

Afraid not, I deleted the huuuge source files to save space. I recorded the screen with Microsoft Expression Studio, which limits you to 10 minute recordings.

I didn’t intend for it to be a tutorial. However, next time instead of being accelerated by 20 it’ll just be 10.

What I really need is something that takes a screenshot every 3 seconds, If I can find that making these would become a lot easier. It was annoying modeling with that screen capture program in the background.

Really helpful seeing some of the techniques you used with the knife tool. I really hope we get more bmesh oriented modelling videos soon!