bmesh.ops all operators with list() Crashes Blender

Hello guys !

I got a problem every time i try to applicate a function with list of verts or edges here is an example of my short script :

import bmesh

mesh =[1] # case of a Grid Mesh.
bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(mesh)

liste = list()
liste = [bm.verts[5], bm.verts[6]]

bmesh.ops.point_merge(bm, verts = liste, merge_co = (1,2,3) )

And then, Blender CRASHES !!!

And it’s the same thing with every function from bmesh.ops with list()

So, have you got an idea about the problem ?
Than you in advance !

don’t forget to flush changes to the mesh

import bpy, bmesh

mesh =
bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(mesh)

liste = [bm.verts[5], bm.verts[6]]

bmesh.ops.pointmerge(bm, verts=liste, merge_co=(1,2,3))

Thanks man !!! Now I can use all the bmesh.ops methods !