Bmesh problem with 2.69 00.30

I am trying to use bmesh on a project of a face but I don’t seem to have it working at all.
I get error message “There aren’t any stroke” See the attached pic for the situation.
Also I just cannot get grease pencil to work to create the lines for creating a mesh


By Bmesh you probably mean Bsurfaces? Totally different, although both great: one is integral to Blender and one is an addon. Bsurfaces has some problems and I have not been able to get it to work for some time but others are apparently using it daily. You might retitle your post appropriately to get more help and search this forum for Bsurfaces.

The newest version of Looptools’ Gstretch which is being actively developed has some of the functionality that you may be looking for.

If you have drawn some Gpencil lines WITHOUT any selected mesh you need to select mesh object (usually for a start that is some dummy plane or cube created aside while you GP draw on some sculpted object using GP Draw on Surface mode), then on N-panel from Gpencil dropdown (pencil icon) select Gpencil layer you did draw and only THEN tab to edit mode and make Bsurfaces surface.

If you’d like to use Curves instead of Gpencil lines make sure you join curves in object mode so that it is one object, Shift select mesh and tab into edit mode; make surface. Curve selection order matters; you can assign First points after you join curves.

Got iy now. I had spend so much times with videos trying to get how did they do it. Thank you for these precisions. Solved and relieved. :slight_smile: