Bmesh Tour # 1

Hey all i have just released my first tour of the current state of bmesh

Enjoy :eyebrowlift:

Nogguns and enjons- the new trend words in 3d modeling;-) Great introduction to bmesh, and thanks to Joe for his hard work!

wow, nice one.

it’s great to start seeing the benefits of the new mesh system, very exciting stuff!

Nice video, you saved me the trouble of compiling my own test version.

yay… being able to remove edges and verts without killing the polygons… sorry I mean no-gons :wink:

is bmesh the shortened name for blendermesh now lol.

brilliant vid mfoxdogg

and i think we can excuse your burp lol

it’s noogins, and yes, they are awesome. :3

…I’m assuming this is a joke, as they are “EnGons”…I will watch the video in a moment…and then hate myself for the previous statement.

I enjoy these 2.5 tours that you do. The new tools look powerful and I can see them being very useful in a number of areas especially in architechural modeling for example, I can also envision some very ugly meshes being posted on these forums:)

uhh… yeah, I imagine that already happens even without noogins,
heck, the noogins will probably only help people make less ugly meshes. :slight_smile:

You sir are wrong - they are nogguns!

@Michael: Sorry, mate if it sounds like we´re making fun of you - that´s just the kewlest pronounciation of Ngons ever, and I sincerely hope it sticks:yes:

I say potato, I mean noogin, damnit. :slight_smile:

and yeah, its like calling nodes noodles. :3

Another great informative video Mr. Dogg, kudos.

Oh, and good push

Can’t wait to use 'em (the nuggons). Strong buy

hooray bmesh :smiley:

looking very very useful

Glad I donated towards bmesh.

Nice video. I am sure it will help clear up some of the confusion about ngons or noggings.

wooohooo. rock on!

Looks cool! Now what’s with the loud belching? lol

Looks really cool. Will there be a way to auto-tessellate (essentially turning Ngons off)? As a low-poly game artist, there will be many times where I would prefer to maintain a clean mesh and not have to always be correcting it. This is one of my current pet-peaves in Maya…