bmesh update in handler


I’m trying to update a mesh in a but it seem to fail to update it.

Here is a sinple exemple (not tested, it’s just to explain the process) :

def bm_update(scene):
___ob =[‘ob’]
___result =[‘result’]

___bm =
___bmesh.from_object(, scene)


The function bm_update() works great when called one time (run script)
It works to in the handler but doesn’t update the mesh correctly (have to toggle edit/object mode to redraw it correctly)

Any idea on what i am doing wrong?

Thanks a lot!!

Looks like it’s not supported, but well, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea in the first place. Maybe delete the entire mesh every time and create a new one?

thank you CoDEmanX for your suggestion.
Adding/deleting object each frame sounds a bit huge for my need… Is there another way to do it? (maybe using the “traditionnal” mesh api?