BMG 0.0.3 script - where does the .py go?

where does the .py go? i cant figure out how to read the readme file and i dont know where to put the scripts or where to find them…

a little help please - im a uber noob

heres where i got the stuff at:

Just follow the installation instructions in the PDF manual.
Copy the files in the /.blender/scripts map. In Blender change from 3D view to Script window. In the menu select Scripts->Update Menu. The script should now appear as Scripts->Mesh->Blender Mechanical Gears and Scripts->Animation->BMG Spinner.

im running blender 2.4 and using script 0.0.3 (not 0.0.2)

i dropped both .py files into

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts

i found a .pdf for the old 0.0.2, but not for .3 - where did u get that.
i tested .2 and it worked fine and showed up in scripts->meshes, so removed .2 and tried .3 again but no dice… :frowning:

Both 0.02 and 0.03 worked well for me. Did you get an error in the console window?

honestly, i dont even know why nice ppl like u spend their time helping morons like me…dude, the cvs website has a link from the .py file to a download page - but i just right clicked the link and didnt even notice that it was only saving some sort of 5kb ghost of a .py file.

thanks man…w/out u i may have been wondering what the heck was going on for DAYS.