bmg gear script help

i’m a new user, and got pretty excited when my “pawn in a hurry” worked. my second goal was the bmg exercise in issue 1 of blender art magazine. i can’t get it to work…

  1. it says to “parent the gears to empties.” does this mean the gear is the parent or the child?

  2. it says “…add to it a nonconstant rotation IPO on RotZ.” i select the gear in question and open a ipo window, but don’t see how to get a curve in there.

thanks for any help, and the great tutorials.

  1. The gears will be the child of their respective empties

  2. Click RotZ in the right-hand column then Ctrl-LMB on the grid to create an IPO Curve.

(I moved your other thread to "Requesting Tutorials) but it’s better here.)


thank you, i saw it moved but thought more answers would come from here. i will also head the forum instructions from now on :slight_smile: