BMG Tutorial question

Did anyone try the BMG Script tutorial from the new BlenderArt Magazine (
I tried it but couldn’t understand this part:
(the problematic parts marked with yellow)

Haven’t tried the tutorial but everything sounds pretty straight forward.

-) In front profile = numpad 1
-) Extrude the top vertex = tab to edit mode (if not already there) and [E]xtrude

-) Duplicating = after extruding, select the edge and duplicate. Then move around the
-) XZ plane = front view (look in the lower left corner and see the xz) and then you’ll have the profile of the inner gear.

Agreed the “Duplicating this” is vague and confusing. May not be an edge but a vertice but for a profile it would have to be an edge.

You probably already knew all of this but just trying cover the bases. My guess is you’re in the top view (y,x), as the transform manipulator is showing green and red in your screen, and you should be showing blue and red for the front view. Just a guess though. Sorry couldn’t help more.

Hi Marty,
the screenshot is not mine, it is from the tutorial…
what I couldnt understand is what are exactly the top vertex, where to extrude them and how was the inner profile achived from just duplicating those vertex (it eems a different shape)
thanks, uri

uri please watch youre pm - toda