BMGC21 My Friendly Fire

Let’s start it off short: I’m in.

My initial thought about that theme underground was too broad and I still think it is. So what I did was to add something to it: Underground and shadows. This came up when I thought about caves and how dark they usually are. In My Friendly Fire (This title will change) you’ll control a young man in a cave where you will solve puzzle that involves create shapes in the shadows by moving blocks, pushing buttons and… jumping into the wall and became a shadow. Jump on some of your shadow creations. It’ll be an adventure platforming-puzzle.

The style I’m going for this time isn’t a very common one. I have always loved the way faster concept art looks, so what’ll do this time around is try to recreate that style.

So for I’ve got a the players model, without any head, and the style.

Feedback is as always appreciated!

This concept sounds interesting, but it seems like a lot to do in one week - good luck!
Also, are you using CA in that second picture?

It looks great. I always look forward to your games.
The outfit reminds me of peter pan, maybe because of talking about shadows too. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

There’s some things to do in a week, but I’m figuring out the best way of do it. I’ve already had a mind-concept of most of the things that would be tricky. In the image you talking about I’m using a couple of filters. The main three are first a blur filter with very low sample number, it’s there to simulate the way you do a lot of lines and shape when you draw something fast - like way you’re drawing a circle, most likely you draw it more than one laps. The second one is Depth of Field filter with low settings, I want to achieve that effect of drawing very fast in the distance. The last one of the more important ones are ambient occlusion, and by now you know the something about the sample number. It’s there to give the scene and objects a rougher look.

On top of this there’s a blur followed by a sharpening filter. This may seem odd, but it helps to sell the more-painted look.

On a sidenote, I have no idea what CA is. I would guess it’s concept art, and yes, I do. A 3D-simulate-concept-art.

Glad to here. Yes, it does, mixed with Links classic outfit. Thank you!

Oh, CA is Chromatic Abberition. It’s a post process that separates the red, green and blue channels around the edges of an object. The new Doom game is notorious for using wayyyyyyyy too much - it apparently gives many players eye strain.

Im excited to see how your game turns out!

honestly, you should not do a head for the character, it would be so dope.

Bad news. My game won’t make it into the final games of BGMC21.

I haven’t been in the mood for making a game this time around, every time I’ve opened it I’ve felt that i didn’t do it because I wanted to, rather to prove something. This lead to very little dedication and time spending on the game. Hopefully I’ll be in a better state of mind in the next competition. Looking forward to see all the entries!

It’s easy to believe that I didn’t finish it because it was to ambitious, but I’m sure I would have made it if I had the right feeling. I still like the idea and will probably continue this later.

Oh, here’s a video of what I came up with. It’s not much and the animations are very much unfinished just look everything else.

Fun fact: There’s only one image texture in the whole game.

Wow, it’s a really interesting concept! Instead of jumping on blocks you’re jumping on shadows of blocks…
It would be interesting to see a full version of that.

But I know what you mean, sometimes I start out on the BGMC and after a while just don’t feel that I’m having fun with it.
Same with my regular projects, there are times when I open Blender and then immediately shut it down again and go and read a book or something. Usually a sign I’ve burned myself out for a while.

Anyway, I hope to see your work in the next competition, you’re one of the best entries usually, someone who I measure my own work against.