BMO legs and arms?

Hello there! i am a beginning Game Artist and i am modeling BMO from adventure time. But the legs and arms do not seem to really work out. I tried several ways to make the arms or legs but nothing really gives me the shape i want. Can someone help me find out how to make the legs and arms look like the original BMO?

the pictures and kinda large so i will just post the links.
Origina BMO:

BMO someone else made:

my BMO so far:

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Welcome to the forums ZwartePaper! It seems you have a good handle on the body so far. The legs would just need a bit of tweaking to look correct. I’m not sure how you did the feet, but it seems like you did something other than extruding the bottom face, and I think this is what you need to do. At the bottom of the blender window, go into face select, then click on the bottom face of the leg where the foot would come out. Then, press E to extrude. This should make the feet into a closed figure. If you’d like the top to be not rounded and just connect to the body, go into face select again, select the face on the very top and press x. On the menu that pops up, just click “Only faces”, which should make the top flat and cut-out. If at any time you’d like to control how round the leg is made (this is from the subdivision surface modifier I assume you haven’t applied yet), you can add edge loops with Ctrl+R, which makes sharper corners as you make them closer and closer to the edges. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Hopefully I gave a somewhat helpful answer ;).