BMP and color resolution settings

Is there a way to make Blender Render to a 256 colors, 16 bit, 24 bit, or 32 bit bitmap file? I mean I know you can go in and do it later with a bitmap editor, but it would be convient to be able to change it within Blender.
Thanks for any guidance on this.


Ther option for bmp files is in the format tab in the render buttons (F10). No option for 256 color if what you mean is like photoshop’s websafe color pallet. You can create a custom action in photoshop and do a batch process on an image sequence that you rendered from blender using your custom action as a template. I have been doing that a lot for depth mattes, but don’t have to anymore thanx to the new scale node in CVS versions of Blender. Blender gives you an 8bit grayscale option (the B&W button on the format tab) RGB is 24 bit, RGBA is 32 bit and you can use 16 BPC with the openexr “Half” option or 32BPC for openexr without the half option and also for Radience HDR. I think Cineon is a 10 bit Kodak process for printing to film. If by 16 bit you mean grayscale plus alpha then I believe the answer is a big, fat NEGATORY, but you could recombine a grayscale with the alpha channel from an RGBA file in the nodes compositor to fake it. The net result would still be RGBA though. Maybe someone better versed than myself can help you out on this one.