.bmp texture color differences

When I slap a .bmp image on a texture, it’s color comes out closer to black and white than the colors it’s supposed to be. The same image as a .jpg looks fine. Any reason for this?

Also, it seems that blender doesn’t read and/or display 24 bit .bmps properly. I’ve tried 32 bit and 24 bit. 32 displays properly (except for the color)

The solution is to not use BMPs, they’re a bad file format if you can avoid it anyway.
Convert them to PNG or TGA, both of which are lossless, so you won’t lose any quality, they’re smaller files and blender supports them 100%

I hope that link answers your question, but, basically, the BMP file format comes in a wide variety of flavors (anyone remember the encrypted version that paintshop pro made?) and it’s kind of hard to provide for all non-standard ones. Like the previous suggestion, use a lossless file type like TGA and PNG (both of which support alpha maps).


O.K. Thanks, guys.