BMR Should be up within (maximum) two weeks

The subject says it all. The admin has been contacted, so BMR should, hopefully, be up within 2 weeks.

You got a specific reply from the admin that it would be up in approx. two weeks? Could you quote it for us?

if i had the money, I’d “sue the bastards”.

Not the admins, the hackers. sorry.


Yes I did, and Yes I can:

This is the reply from noidtluom:

Yes, i am the admin of the forum.
Thanks for telling me.
I will be fixing this up, it should be up within the next two weeks (maximum).

> Unfortunately, the Blender Model Repository has been hacked. It’s hosted on e2-
> productions, but I’m not sure if you are the one I should contact. Are you able
> to do anything about it? (I got your email address from the WHOIS registers, BTW)
> Thanks,
> rpgsimmaster

Don’t we all wish we could just get rid of these crackers (If you want to know what I mean by crackers, see the previous BMR related post: ‘Anyone else hacked the BMR’)

Anyway, the BMR now has a plain text message saying the BMR is offline, and telling the crackers to get lost

Double Post

I guess I should have informed the site admin earlier. I just assumed he already knew. What did they do to it, btw? Was there like a ‘MAX RULZ!’ banner or something? Or was it just disfunctional?

a lovely im chinese (ithink i can’t remember what flag was used " and "this site has been hacked by: " haXoR i don’t remember what his name was annoying all the same.

They disabled the board (ie when you went to the board, it went to the login page, had ‘Board Disabled’ and the Forum Title, etc. said ‘HACKED BY EL_MUHAMMED’), before redirecting to some page on’’ (if you want to visit the site, go’ to skip the Flash Intro which said HACKED BY EL_MUHAMMED)

They’re actually proud of what they do: Their site even has redirects to (a security site which lists crack attacks by prominent crackers) to list which cracks their own crackers have recently performed.

Stupid, Aren’t They.

Unfortunately, unless we can hunt down each and every cracker, we need to focus on making more security savvy web admin.

it’s sad. i hope it will be back up soon so i can continue uploading models :slight_smile: