BMRT for Windows

(Alumiel) #1

Hi there, fellow blenderheads!

I’ve been desperately trying to find the last version of BMRT for Windows with no success. Can somebody set it up for download, or is there anybody willing to send it for me by email? I’d be more than happy!
And for future, if anyone has the Irix version(s), I wouldn’t mind to have them too.

For all those who are seeking BMRT for Linux, I suggest looking it up from Tucows’ site.

I’m also looking for information about speed differencies between different RenderMan compliant renderers. You know, maybe some articles, benchmarks and stuff… please post them here if you know any.



(BgDM) #2

BMRT is a dead issue. No one supports it any more.

If you want it that bad, I have it. But I don’t use it because of the deadness of it.

Drop me a line if you want me to send it to you. You can email me through my website.


(Alumiel) #3

Thanks BgDM! I just sent you mail.


(Eric) #4

It’s been quite dead for some years now. There was no development when Excluna owned it anyway.

(apnakamran) #5

:smiley: no worries man!

Goto and search for “BMRT” over there and u will get it.

Also u can get Aqsis Renderer ( which is renderman compliant and free for commercial use.

I would recommend Aqsis bcos BMRT will not be updated any more while Aqsis is open source and will hopefully offer more support for Renderman Compliant Specifications.


(Alumiel) #6

Hey, thanks for the tip apnakamran! :slight_smile:

I’m still looking for the 2.6b release though…


(BgDM) #7

Sorry Alumiel, I didn’t get your mail.

I will upload the BMRT release that I have to my website and send you a PM with the link once it is up. I have BMRT 2.6 Beta FYI.


(Alumiel) #8

Thanks BgDM, it appears that there’s something wrong with my email…:frowning:

No wonder that I haven’t got any mail lately…:wink: Damn I hate it when it happens!

You know, sometimes it just sickens me, that one has to depend on technology so much on daily basis, just to be able to manage simple tasks, and when that technology doesn’t work flawlessly, it’s like suddenly everything has flipped upside down and the technolgy has got a nice firm grip from your neck while poking your eyes with a “Stick of Humility ™”…:wink:

And I thought that technology was supposed to serve you, not to control you… Right? :wink: