BMW 3 Series

I am trying to make a BMW 3 series. This is probably my 4th car attempt, and I think I will probably stop here, but what do you think?

It’s supposed to be this… :frowning:

This looks cool.
It has potential.
I think you should continue it.

Here’s another render with some more panels added.

Its starting to take shape!

How do I do the back of the car? I have a reference for it, but if I load it into blender it will still be on the front of the car.

Alright, I made the roof of the car, but this is looking so bad I don’t think I should even try to continue.

I doesnt look that bad. Can we see some wires? And are you using a mirror modifier? You have references right? At least 3 views?
You just have to get the edge flow right, so there aren’t any groves or bumps…

You could watch this excellent series of video tutorials covering a Porsche 911 to get some tips on the general process of modelling a car.

That’s funny, because that’s the tutorial I was using for the beginning of modeling the car. I don’t see how people can make cars look so real so quickly.

I believe that is a slightly more advanced tutorial, because it uses perspective images. For you it is probaly best to use orthographic images. I use
Here is the cars section:
And for me, i followed this tutorial for my first (meduim poly?) car and here is the thread if you are interested

But the answer to " I don’t see how people can make cars look so real so quickly." is: Practice!

That’s where I get almost all of the blueprints I ever use. I’m using these: Here arre some wireframe renders.

Yeah you have some problems with your mesh…

Things i circled have to much faces…and the little circles show that you dont have enogh faces…that makes it look bad… but if you are going to apply subsurf later that might not matter…

and that is just from taking a quick look


I’m going to try following the Camaro tutorial and see how that turns out.

:slight_smile: lol Good luck mate! I hope you get the hang of it.